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New 1.8TB 2.5″ Hard Drive Announced

HGST 1.8TBHGST has raised the storage capacity of its 1.2TB Ultrastar hard drive to 1.8TB, making it the highest capacity 2.5-inch drive currently available.

The Ultrastar C10K1800 has a 12Gbit/s SAS interface and rotates at 10,520rpm (the C10K1200 model had a slower 6Gbit/s one). HGST says the new drive writes random data 2.5 times quicker than the old one and has 23 per cent faster serial operation. The typical sustained transfer rate tops out at 247MB/sec.

It’s an enterprise drive, designed for 24 x 7 workloads, and uses a disk-based media cache architecture, meaning a large nonvolatile cache on the media. It isn’t NAND-based, seemingly.

There are 300GB, 450GB, 600GB, 600GB, 1.2TB and 1.8TB models with the greatest capacity using 4 x 450GB platters – a 620Gbit/in2 areal density. The prior version used 4 x 300GB platters. It was introduced in January 2013 and this new drive represents fairly a capacity jump – 50 per cent in areal density terms.

Several encryption options are available –

  • Trusted Computing Group (TCG) business SSC-compliant Self-Encrypting Drives (SED)
  • TCG with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 certification
  • Prompt Secure Erase (ISE) versions

Seagate has a 1.2TB Savvio spinning at 10K. Western Digital has a WD XE 900GB drive in this general class, spinning at 10K. Toshiba has its AL13SE spinning at 10,500 and with a 900GB capacity maximum. HGST rules the enterprise 2.5-inch 10,000 rpm drive high capacity space free and clear.

Then we’d find a 900GB model, if HGST applies a similar 50 per cent capacity jump with its 600GB whirling at 15,000rpm. Will there be a marketplace for that with the onrush of flash drives into the high performance storage array data access product area? I doubt it.