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Data Recovery Equipment

Data recovery hardware (the equipment used by data recovery companies exists), although there is not much of it. The equipment in this video is made by the Chinese company DFL – it looks like equipment formerly made by Salvation Data, which was shall we say, not very good at all. I haven’t seen this latest DFL equipment, but if it’s anything like the Salvation Data it looks like then it’s probably not worth buying.

Experience has taught me that the best data recovery equipment is usually best developed in house and is cobbled together by the employees of data recovery companies. The difficulty with data recovery is that it’s a kind of “black art”, there aren’t really any decent manuals that go into details of how to repair hard drives, and the techniques developed by data recovery companies to recover and repair hard drives are kept secret as these developments give the companies an edge over their competitors.

Think about it, data recovery recovery can be quite lucrative and hard drives are always going to break, so if Company X can repair a specific type of busted hard drive and Company Y can’t, then Company X are going to have a distinct advantage. Data recovery seems to be all about what you know, “knowledge is power” as the old phrase goes. I’ve found two sites that go go into detail about hard drive repair and data recovery, they are obviously written by people involved in data recovery, the are Data Clinic Ltd (for data recovery), and Data-Recovery-Tips (for people wanting to learn how to repair hard drives).