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Water Damaged Hard Drive

Here’s an interesting recent question that was submitted to me from a couple of days back:

Hitachi H2T500854S HDD“We are a computer maintenance company. We have a Laptop on behalf of a customer with a water affected Hard drive. The drive is a Hitachi 2.5” P/N H2T500854S SATA. We have cleaned the liquid from the PCB and drive body but it still appears dead and will not spin up. Our customer has asked us to obtain a budget quote for Data recovery so would be grateful if you could give us a rough estimate for you guys to do this.”

As you’ve already cleaned the drive up and dried it out, my instinct is that the drive has a faulty component on it’s PCB. This is actually very common, particularly if the laptop computer was on at the time water was spilt on it. When the water encountered the PCB the effect would have been a short circuit across the hard drive’s PCB with a very high probability that one or more components on the board will have been damaged.

Finding a compatible hard drive PCB is what you need to do, but replacing the existing PCB with the replacement one will not result in the hard drive giving up it’s data. The hard drive will start to work again insomuch as it will power up, but it will now tick. This is because the hard drive is running with the wrong roadmap. It’s necessary to copy the data across from the ROM on the old PCB across to the new one before the drive will be fully restored and the data can again be accessed.

Sourcing the PCB will be difficult enough – it’s not just a case of finding the same model hard drive and using it’s controller board. Hard drive models are manufactured in tens of thousands, and each production run is slightly different – components change which change the overall configuration of the hard drive. Therefore you need to find a match as close to the manufactured date of your hard drive as you can. This way you have a much better chance of ensuring that the components used on the two hard drives are the same.

Hard Disk Data-Recovery

Here are some data-recovery queries I’ve had recently:

When I turn the power my computer I’ve been getting this error msg verifying dmi pool data so I tried to use a windows recovery disk I place it in my DVD driver & try to boot the CD then when the screen says press any key to boot I press a key then I hear this ticking sound coming from my hard drive do I need replace my hard drive?

Seagate Hard Drives Not Found

Hi, I have a Seagate portable drive that I accidentally unplugged from my Mac a few days ago. When I pushed the USB back in, my laptop no longer recognised the drive, and the drive itself made a beeping noise every second and the light on it kept flashing. Just wanted to find out how much it would be cost to get it fixed or get the files off of there. Through Seagate it’s several hundred pounds and I definitely can’t afford that as a student ha! Thanks in advance.

Computer Science Labs logoI have a seagte portable hard five, it got bumped or knocked over in the house. I would like to get information like photos recovered from it and was looking for a price.
I’m currently working away at the moment so a reply by email would be good.
I live in the glasgow are so could drop drive Into lab.

My advice would be to try Computer Science Labs at

Emergency RAID Data Recovery

I have a home NAS unit ( Netgear Duo).
2 x 3TB raid drives for media, photo etc.
The unit fell about 30cm.
The drive now click, then after about 30 minutes go quiet, I can see about 2% of the data. ( just one folder tree) and open documents.
The rest is not visible.
I have not tried anything to avoid data loss.

My advice would be to give these people a ring: