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Various Data Recovery Questions

Assistant David constructs a data recovery flow chat

This web site is going well and I thought I’d post some of the recent enquiries I’ve had for my services:

  • I updated the software on my MacBook laptop, and when I turned it on again I couldn’t get past the Apple logo and spinning wheel. The Apple Store can fix it for free but they will need to wipe my laptop and reset it. They advised going to a data recovery specialist to recover my hard-drive, as I haven’t backed it up. Could you advise how much this is likely to cost?
  • My laptop is broken, when i turn it on it loads up fine but then i can not access any files and it then shuts down, i also can not open in safe mode or do a restore. i wanted to see if it can be repaired but i have files on my laptop that i do not want to lose hence why i have not tried to do a complete reboot. Is this something that you do?
  • I have a 500gb Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro external hard drive that when plunged into my PC fails to open and instead a warning message appears which reads as either ‘inaccessible’ or ‘file is corrupted and unreadable’. Furthermore if I remember correctly hard drive became damaged after accidentally being placed on a keyboard cover that contains magnets (I am unsure as to whether this would be relevant to the damaged hard drive however I thought I should include this fact in case it helps). This drive contains a number of personal and university files which I desperately need recovering and any help or advice that you could provide would be much appreciated.
  • Have an old Western Digital Netcenter WD2500P019 (250GB) which began emitting a high-frequency oscillating noise. The device will not initialise properly and is displaying a red warning LED on the front panel. Looking for quotes for recovery of data.
  • Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive no longer connects to computer. It has that ‘clicking’ sound.
  • Hard disk not working. Work on a mac. Disk utility says can not repair disk. Tried to force mount from command line, tried to mount read only, neither worked.
  • Somehow my hard drive appears to have been encrypted remotely using McAfee drive encryption. I have McAfee installed on laptop but neither I nor my company use any form of drive encryption. Is there any way of unencrypting?
  • Western Digital , My Pass port external hard drive. The drive is not detected on Windows 10 or when connected to another device such as television. Earlier the drive was accesible via televeision as well as laptop.
  • I am from horizon Technologies Islamabad. We have a dvr HDD of 2TB capacity for data recovery. It has DHFS fie system. We required old recording before one month which is probably overwritten as dvr was kept on recording. We used DVR examiner but we cannot recover videos before 18 jun.we need data before that date. we talked to Dvr Examiner support they said you can only recover what you see in the dvr examinar. We need your services regarding the particular recovery and is this possible to recover data which cldnt recovered using DVR examinar software.We can give you teamweaver acces to ISO if you need to perform any intial examination.
  • I have a Samsung M3 external hard drive that has been working fine for four years, but now won’t be recognised by my PC; it will show up under Device Manager with its correct manufacture name/title, but the files can’t be accessed via Explorer (just displays as ‘Local Disk’).
  • The files on the drive are mainly family photos and videos which I am desperate to recover. Is this something you can help with?

Should you have an similar data recovery requirements, please let me know, I also provide my services freelance – so please get in touch.