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Help with Hard Drives

I have a seagate goflex external hard drive and it has stopped working.
It does not power up after connecting it to my laptop and turning the power plug on.
I need help in recovering my data.

Help with hard drivesthat i have used to back up my mac several times, now when i plug it in its spins and the light goes on but its not at all found on my mac

I am not sure what has happened to my hard drive.
I plug it into my computer and my computer reconises that it has connected, however I am unable to open it. I am not sure what to do – I have tried it on other peoples computers and have the same issue.
Do you think this is something you will be able to solve – ideally I want to keep what is on the hard drive as it has all my personal pictures on there.
I was curious if I could drop off my laptop and hardrive at your office in London one day after/before work?
I was also curious how long something like this would take to solve? and how much it would cost ?
Please let me know via email and I will come asap.

My iPhone glitched and deleted all my photos and videos, then I tried to reboot the phone and it completely switched off and never came back on again. Its stuck on the iPhone logo & won’t come on at all it just goes black. I went to apple and they said I may have to restore the phone which means I would have to delete all my data that is not backed up. So they told me to come to you. Is this fixable?

Phone got trapped in mechanism of a sofa bed and got smashed and has precious photos on it that I’d like to save if possible please

I have a Hitachi HTS725050A9A364 with an unknown ATA password. I need to reset the password and gain access to the data. I think Atola Insight will do the trick. Could you please give me a quote?

i have accidently deleted my sons data and everything and transferred all my data and everything from my phone to his. how can I retrieve his back to how it was

Data Recovery Questions

Here’s a number of questions we’ve received about data recovery over the past week. The questions are about data retrieval from both phones and hard drives.

The phone was dropped into a pool. The phone has been taken to a phone shop to see if they could fix it but they couldn’t. would just like to recover the data.

Seagate (external USB) Expansion 2TB drive started making a clicking noise and not booting up. Works on occasion but only for a short period.

i’ve deleted all my pictures from my desktop computer and deleted them from the recycling bin can you get them back?

+I have 2x LaCie rugged thunderbolt with different issues. One was accidentally re-formatted from OS X Extended to ExFAT but has not been written to since so the data should still be there. The other was working fine, ejected and the mac shut down, then the next morning when the mac was turned on this drive failed to mount. It shows up in Disk Utility as an external drive but does not mount the volume (correct word?). Again this drive has had nothing written to since. Neither drive has been dropped or otherwise physically damaged. Please let me know what you might be able to do!

I have a vintage model of Macbook Pro 2009, and the hard drive on it had recently failed, and can no longer start up. Is it possible to recover the data from the hard drive? And can I please get an estimate quotation for that ?

A folder on my ssd drive has been wiped, the folder itself remains however the documents within it have vanished. The documents outside the folder also remain.

+I haven’t lost the data (i hope), but i believe i need the PCB repaired/replaced on a WD Red hdd. I stupidly plugged in an incorrect voltage power pack into the caddy of my WD MyCloud NAS (with 2 x 4tb WD RED drives in it) and now it isn’t recognising one of the drives. I assume I’ve burnt out a diode and i was wondering if this is something you could confirm and how much this type of repair might cost…or what i might have done?

If you have a similar problem that requires data recovery please contact us for details of our services.