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Happy 2017 everyone – here’s the latest problems with hard drives requiring recovery services. (Thanks to the Data Clinic, Birmingham for this information)

Phone had a factory reset lost all photos and contacts Sony expiria v.5 can you retrieve…..?

Corrupted WD My Passport for Mac – need all the data on the drive to be recovered

Using laptop last night it froze and stuttered got a blue screen on reboot got error 3FO hard disk error. Hard disk sounds like it is clicking just trying to get resolved under warranty with HP but wondering how much a recovery on the emails, documents and photos would cost

Windows 2003 server NTFS, Hard disc reported as unreadable. Drive failed during 24th to 27th Dec. Disc has been removed from server.

I have a 320Gb Transcend SSD that as of two days ago fails to be recognised by my laptop, by which I mean the laptop BIOS does not detect it and will not boot from it. Taking the drive out and using a trusty USB-SATA adapter also does not work; again the drive simply isn’t recognised. Following the initial failure of the drive, the laptop did manage to boot up once or twice and I managed to get some files off the drive before the operating system (Debian 8) hung. After that nothing has worked.
I have been in contact with Transcend Support, but apart from offering a warranty replacement, they don’t provide data recovery.
Unfortunately, I live in Germany and am only in the UK (SE-London) until 5th January. Would it be at all possible for your firm to have a look at my hard-drive within this sort of time-frame? I appreciate that this is very short and may not be possible. Please let me know by email if it is possible.
Many, many thanks for your help

I dropped off my Seagate external drive at your London Offices on Tuesday 20/12/2016. I first confirmed that you did not require the power supplu. It was placed in an envelope with my details on the outside. I have not received confirmation that you have received this at your central location. Can you confirm you have my drive.

I have an android LG phone and I deleted some contacts the other week which i didn’t mean to do, had no idea could possibly retrieve them, so basically just need a list of deleted contacts with the numbers, or would they go back on the phone, also how much would something like this cost, and how long would it take. many thanks

Clicking from a home PC drive. PC powered down and drive replaced. Should have an amount of family photos on there.

Extrnal HD no longer works and makes a clicking sound when its on. I would like my photos and videos recovered from the hard drive

Last weekend I went to Edinburgh and lost a day worth of photos just randomly on the 18th. No other photos have been affected and I have tried third party recovery apps but cannot find the images. Do you think you guys would be able to find them and how much would it cost?

Recover all foto from ipad

Unable to identify as an external disk on “My Desktop” and once or twice it managed it opening files so slowly that it is practically impossible to open files.
Tried devmgmt.msc unsuccessfully. What do you think would help?

Samsung galaxy s3 turned off and will not come back on been in a phone shop and said there is nothing they can do, the phone will not come on at all. The pictures contain photographs of my recently deceased grandad and are very precious memories along with others.

my computer doesn’t seem to see our hard drive despite trying 3 different cables and on various devices. Can you help?

cannot access the data on the hard drive
hard drive boots up then fails.
hard drive 4 TB.
I am sitting in Abuja, Nigeria
I would send the faulty hard drive to the UK via DHL.

WD Elements 1tb external hard drive, power light is on, shows in devices manager but drive does nothing when you try to access it

Two SATA 1TB drives from a Dell Studio XPS 8100 as setup by Dell with RAID 0. Following a lightening storm this PC failed. I am unable to access these drives which contain home photos, docs etc. I would like to get this data back. How much would it cost?

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