About Me

Archie face picArchie Mulligan is an IT specialist originally from the UK. After graduating from the London School of Economics in the mid 80’s, Archie took up a career in data storage design with the UK company ICL.

In the early 90’s Archie moved to America to work for Conner in hard disk storage and design. It’s at Conner where Archie discovered his interest in data and how to go about getting it back from various forms of digital storage media like tapes (very popular at the time!) and hard drives.

Archie’s interest in computers and data was originally sparked in the early 1980’s when he discovered his school’s Commodore PET computers. A year or so later saw the boom in home computing in the UK with Archie badgering his parents to buy him a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer. Successful in his attempts, he began writing his own programs and games, some of which were published nationally in the UK. “The ZX Spectrum influenced a whole generation of kids like me”, says Archie, “it’s contibution to the history of computing can not be underestimated or easily quantified.”

Archie currently resides back in the UK and works as a government contractor.

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