About the Dark Web

Everyone knows that the Man has a darker side to his personality. Every man has a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inside him. Depending on the situation, the inner personality makes its appearance. It is quite natural. The beauty of the situation is that one does not know what the other does. Just as the Man has a negative side, everything created by Man too should exhibit a dual personality. If I say, the Internet has a darker side to it, I doubt if anyone of you would believe it. Yes, the internet has a darker, negative trait. You know it by the name, Dark Web obviously.

The Dark Web:

In fact, the Dark Web is the World Wide Web content existing on darknets or overlays. They use the same public internet, but require specific software and configurations to run. They require an authorization for accessing. The best part of this dark web is that the Search Engines do not index them. Many people confuse the word ‘Deep Web’ with the Dark Web. The Dark Web is actually a collection of websites that are publicly visible. However, you will not be able to access the IP addresses of the servers that run them.

The Dark Web can include small networks such as friend-to-friend or the peer-to-peer network. They include bigger networks such as the Freenet, I2P, as well as the Tor. Public organizations and individuals operate these networks. The users of the Dark Web refer to the normal internet network as the Clearnet. People also have a different name for the Tor network. That is onionland.

Who accesses the dark web?

Any web user can visit the Dark websites. However, it would be difficult to know who is behind these websites. All the websites on the Dark Web use the Tor encryption tool. Hence, to access the Dark Web, the user should also be using the Tor tool. People use Tor to hide their identity and spoof their location too. The user’s IP address bounces through several layers of encryption and hence appears as another IP address.

Naturally, people who do nefarious activities access the Dark Web. At the same time, the crime investigating agencies access the Dark Web for obvious reasons. The most famous and popular Dark website is the Silk Road. This is a website for buying as well as selling recreational drugs.

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