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Transferring subfolders

Mounty NTFSI was transferring a subfolder “B” from the Mac to a Seagate External HD via Mounty NTFS. Destination was inside main folder “A” on the External HD. Subfolder “B” had the same name of another subfolder inside folder “A” and asked me to merge both subfolders “B”. When I clicked on merge, all files and subfolders inside main folder “A” disappeared, including subfolder “B”.
I’ve tried mounting the hard drive on another mac and the main folder “A” seemed to be empty.
I got a quote from a data place and they mentioned that their diagnosis was:
1. Disk read error
2. Unstable/Failing read/write heads
3. Logically corrupt file system
4. Hard disk drive/s have failed
5. Media surface is degraded
They gave me a quote and I’d like to know how much this work could cost in your opinion.

This 8TB SATA HDD was a secondary drive inside my PC running Windows 10. There’s around 4-TB odd of data on it. It is 3 years old and we think has become corrupted after a Windows 10 update shut the PC down a few times. The PC no longer recognised the drive but when I put the drive in an externally powered enclosure and it did power up a few times and I could see the files but it kept timing out so I could only grab 1 or 2 folders before it timed out. Windows 10 suggested a disk repair and I clicked yes but the disk enclosure power timed out whilst doing the repair and now the drive can no longer be viewed in Windows. The files I wish to retrieve are photos and videos.

Data Recovery – Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow and Seagate

Data Recovery by Data Clinic LtdSamsung S6 phone recovery – Birmingham
Around 8 months ago I was pushed into a canal in Birmingham with my Samsung S6 in my pocket – it wouldn’t turn on after that. There’s nothing too important on there, but a few years worth of photos and videos that if possible I’d like to be recovered for sentimental value. I did look into options at the time but was financially struggling so couldn’t really proceed, where as now I’m in more of a financial position so can look back into this. What do you think – is this something you might be able to look into? And if so do you know roughly how much it might cost?
Go to Data Clinic’s Birmingham data recovery page

Recover data from Huawei phone Bristol
I dropped my huawei p30 lite in the sea when in Bristol – it died pretty much soon as I picked it up (after vibrating with a black screen), I just wanted to query if the photos would be able to be recovered and an approximate cost/range?
Go to Data Clinic’s Data Recovery service, Bristol page.

Retrieve data from Samsung Phone, Glasgow
Samsung Galaxy S8 has completely died. Unresponsive to reset instructions. I just need to retrieve everything from it then I will get another phone. How much roughly would this cost and how can we get the retrieved data onto a new device please. The Data Clinic office in Glasgow handles Samsung data retrieval work so you can drop your phone off at the office address

Seagate hard drive recovery
I dropped my seagate external hard drive and it is now beeping when I attempt to connect. I live in London and would like to bring the hard drive into a Data Clinic location for data recovery. Data Clinic Ltd perform Seagate data recovery services at their London location.

Phone Data Recovery
Phone is actually working fine, the screen just does not work. I attempted to repair it myself by replacing the screen but I must have messed something up as both my screens don’t work now. I was able to use the phone completely through scrcpy on windows pc, but i foolishly turned off usb debugging while doing this so I cannot use this method anymore.
If there is no other method to get my data back (preferably full file system, but essentially all photos and videos including whatsapp folders etc) then data recovery is a road I’m willing to take, but if you know of another method where I can get the phone working again/access the data without recovery please do let me know.

Data Clinic Ltd Data Clinic Ltd

Iphone XR and SD card recovery

iPhone XR Recovery
My iphone XR got stuck while backing up, since then it has not turn on again. Apple team told me that the phone was unresponsive and they could only reset the faulty software. I am only interested in the data on the device, I do not mind about the phone working again or not, so I was recommended OnTrack Data Recovery company but there was nothing they could do to recover the data as they stated: “The memory is faulty or it has an unrecoverable error that we cannot bypass, it stops communicating during our recovery attempts”. Please, I would like to know if there is anything you could do to recover the data. Thanks

Corrupted SD card
An SD Card from our wedding photographer that was corrupted when he tried to get the photos off it. Luckily only half of the photos, he provided us with the SD card with some of our photos.
I’d like to know if you’d be able to get the photos of this, I haven’t touched it as I don’t know what I am doing with it, it has simply been left in the box with the photos he gave us.
All I know us is he told us that it wouldn’t connect to the computer and seems to have been corrupted.
Because of this, we now have lost over half of our wedding photos.
He unfortunately does not have any equipment insurance that covers data loss, so it is down to us to pay for this.

Qnap TS251, Nokia 1, iPhone 8, Lacie data recovery

Some of our latest data recovery involves rescuing files from broken phones (Nokia 1 and iPhone 8), a QNAP RAID NAS that has lost data and a LaCie hard drive that has stopped reading.

Recover Nokia 1

I have a Nokia 1 with a 128GB memory card configured as internal “adopted” storage. The phone no longer starts up and gets hot in a particular spot below the rear camera when I try to charge it.
I ordered a replacement battery, but this did not help.
I am not worried about the phone itself (it was cheap) but some of the data in the internal storage and the encrypted card. Most of what I have there is redundant (music, ebooks etc.) but some files where I took notes and recorded things “on the go” are important to me, as well as contacts, call logs and SMS etc.

QNAP Data Recovery

I have a QNAP NAS TS-251+ 8gb 2Bay.
I’m liaising with QNAP but I suspect the NAS is broken. I’m hoping I might still be able to get my data off the hard drives though. It has x2 4GB Seagate NAS 3.5″ drives in it, and I had it set to mirror (raid1).
I bought this on amazon “Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive Lay-Flat Docking Station for 2.5 or 3.5in HDD, SSD [Support UASP] (EC-DFLT)”
but of course the data is in QNAP format and not accessible.
Is there anyway you could copy one of the discs whereby it would be accessible to me in Windows 10 using this device?


LaCie hard drive stopped reading

My hard drive ( LaCie ) has stopped being read by my devices. When I connect the hard drive to my computer or laptop the hard drive switches on but it doesnt show in my computer, so I cant access to it. I have tried in different devices and it doesnt show in any of then once plugged. I would like you have a look and see if you could fix it, otherwise I would like to recover the date in it.

Problem with Apple iPhone 8

Bought new contract on Apple iPhone 12 mini and was looking at transferring over all data & most importantly photos. The phone memory was very close to 64GB limit on phone so purchased more iCloud memory to save onto prior to setting up new phone. I decided to do a ‘backup’ onto the iCloud and during this backup, everytime I kept going into settings, the phone kicked me out to home screen. As it kept doing this, I turned off the phone and ever since the phone has sat on a white screen with black apple symbol. Restore techniques of volume up/down and power off don’t work and we went to Apple Store to see if they can do anything but they said the chances of getting the photos were extremely slim as would likely end up doing a factory reset.
We really only want the photos off the phone as they are mostly of family and out little boy. Is this something that you can do?

Samsung Edge and iPhone Data Recovery

In this post we look at common types of problems and faults with Samsung S7 Edge and Apple iPhone mobile phones.

Samsung S7 Edge Recovery
My samsung S7 Edge is completely dead after falling to the floor which result in a cracked screen a month and half ago.
Initially was working without an issue, but this past Thursday after 05:30 unable to fully access the phone, kept on rebooting. And since Saturday night completely dead, not showing anything even when trying to charge it (although it warms slight when connected).
I have since bought a new phone however there is information such has memos, messages, pictures and videos that I would like to recover.

iPhone Locked
Last summer my MacBook crashed and a new hard drive had to be installed. As luck would have it my iPhone is currently locked, and unfortunately, I do not have any backup of the data in it. The only options I have to unlock it are either restore the phone or sync it with the latest iTunes backup.
The service that repaired my MacBook tried to save the data from the old hard drive so I could sync the phone, but could not do it. And they recommended you if I ever wanted further professional help.
Is it possible for you to help me recover all data from my iPhone, and share it in an iTunes backup format? I very much do not want to lose everything, as I have thousands of pictures from travels and family, and many audio notes.
Please note my iPhone works perfectly well, and I want to avoid damaging it. It is locked because the screen broke and it was locked by accident while the screen was all black.

iPhone problem
We have a problem with one of the iPhones of one of our work colleagues, after an update the phone has stopped with working, it is not recognized by iTunes and not by the computer, it is not possible to connect to any service, it is was impossible to make a backup and due to lack of experience in the IT area they made a factory reset on the phone without having a backup of it, we need to recover the information that was contained in this phone.
In a Apple article we found that it is a know problem unfortunately the user of this phone did not realize that his iCloud storage was full and the respective backups never been done.
Is it possible that the information contained in this phone can be recovered? If it is possible, how much would the service cost?

iPhone XS has died
My iPhone XS has died completely and will not turn on. My photos don’t seem to have backed up to iCloud. I sent the phone for diagnostics at a phone store in Spain and they said fixing it would cost more than a new phone – the phone switched on after they returned it but my partner plugged it into a charger and it heated up to the point of burning smell and no longer switches on. I am desperate to recover my photos and messages

Hard drive bad translator and Kindle data recovery

In this post we look at Data Clinic’s Edinburgh data recovery operation at St Andrews Square and discuss recovering the data from a hard drive with a bad translator and getting the files back from a Kindle Fire.

Recover hard drive with a bad translator
I have an apple Time Capsule hard drive which stopped working. I sent it to another company for repair and their report said:
“I’m afraid that we are actually not able to recover any data in your case, despite our efforts.
Though the head transplant itself was successful, we still had to contend with the drive’s system firmware before we could recover data. In particular, the layer that actually translates your data from how it is physically recorded on the discs badly needed repair.
At manufacturing, no drive is perfect. The location of all the disc surface defects are recorded and skipped by the translator. In your case, a lot of these original entries were missing. We managed to compensate for most of the entries, but there were just too many to complete.
Unless the translator is healthy, no meaningful data can be recovered.”
Is this something that you would be able to repair?

Kindle Fire Data Recovery
I have a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and the device is now stuck in a boot loop. If I factory reset I may lose all the information stored on the device. There is a digital diary with 8yrs of entries stored on the device with is very precious. Im not bothered about the device its self just the data. Would there be away of recovering all the data from the Kindle and have it stored onto a flash drive. If the Kindle needs to be destroyed in the process, then that is fine. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland

Can’t access hard drive
Cannot access data on my WD My Passport Ultra (1TB). I have 776 GB stored on there – mainly photos. When connected to PC (Windows 10) I get an error message saying “Location is not available. D: is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect” and cannot view anything on the drive. When connected to my old MacBook Air (OS X Yosemite, mid 2013), I can see the folders but can’t see or access the individual files. Please help – the drive contains 6 years of very precious photos that are not backed up on my Kindle Fire.

WD Elements hard drive recovery
My WD Elements external hard drive stopped being recognised on my Macbook yesterday. I and looking for data recovery in Edinburgh and my laptop froze and had to restart whilst it was plugged in, this meant I was unable to safely export the drive. After this it would no longer recognise when I plug it in. The light still flashes when I plug it in and it makes noise, but doesn’t show up on the screen. I’ve been told the drive may have a bad translator but I don’t know if this is true or not. I tried it on another computer as well.
Are you able to quote a price to have the data recovered? Mainly personal photos which I would really like to get back.

Data Clinic Ltd, St Andrews Square, Edinburgh – Hard drive and phone data recovery

QNAP RAID 5 Data Recovery

The company I work for has a Qnap server running a RAID setup which I believe to be RAID 5. It has 12 disks which are a 2TB. Over the last week 2 of the hard drives in the array failed and now the server will not start. I have swapped out the hard drives with hot spares but the system still does not boot. We are in the London area and there is a similar system with the same problems in the North West – Manchester to be specific. This is an identical 12 disk RAID 5 system that is running in degraded mode. We need the data from both ideally as quickly as you are able to recover it. Do you provide an emergency service?

RAID Server

The server started running slowly about a month ago and we only had limited access to our files. The machine contains server VMs on a network share and we can’t access two of them. The Virtual Machines are important and they contain data that run some business critical operations including an MySQL database. I’ve looked at the RAID 5 BIOS settings and can confirm that two of the drives are offline and the RAID is running in degraded mode. Ideally we would like you to collect the whole system and recover the data off the QNAP RAID onto something similar that we can attach to our company network that everyone can have access to.

Data recovery from opened hard drive

I have a 1 TB hard drive that died. I was able to make it work temporarily by connecting to an external hard drive reader. Sadly it crashed again. I then foolishly openedthe hard driver casing to reset the blades. This may have scratched the surface. What would it cost to inspect it and see if you are able to recover the data? And what kind of final bill would i be looking at?

Opened hard drive

I have a 500gb Seagate external hard drive (over 10 years old now) and the port where the mini usb used to go into it has come loose and is rattling around in there and im unable to connect it now to a computer to get my data off. I don’t need the actual hard drive just the contents on there. I have opened it as I read online that this will get it dusty and I have a lot of really important memories on there. I was wondering if you could fix/ how much it would be?

Dropped external hard drive (1tb my passport ultra) now it is not recognised and makes a clicking noise as if it is trying to boot up so I have disconnected and await your response. I have taken the lid off of the drive but I need the data recovered. I have a few hundred gigs of data on there but only interested in the family photos which I thought I had on my back up drive. I also have a 1tb WD network drive that I have been meaning to get the data from as WD stopped the service, can you help with that also?

Data Recovery on Lombard Street London

Lombard Street Data Recovery in London WD Elements WDBUZG5000ABK-04

Teacher has dropped their HDD from about 30cm. It’s a WD Elements WDBUZG5000ABK-04 external hard drive and now its making a clicking noise and the computer can’t find it. I’ve taken the HDD out of the enclosure, looked at the Physical drive. USB logic board. Looks like the 3 of the 5 usb3.0 pins are either damaged or missing.
Plugged in a microusb 2.0 cable to see if I can get the data off of the drive at a lower speed- No Joy.
When you plug in the drive the USB interface is detected by the host system. If you open device manager it (did) show up the USB Interface for the drive, but nothing appears in disk management.
The Drives power/activity light does come on when its plugged in but then disappears after a few seconds.

iPod data recovery

I have a 60GB 5th Gen iPod that clicks and fails when trying to boot. I doubt repair is possible but would like to maybe get my music collection back if it is at all affordable. I am fairly local to the Lombard Street location (I am in Twickenham) so could possibly drop off. Could you possibly tell me the sort of cost I might expect for this?

MacBook Air Data Recovery

My MacBook Air from 2012 has died. And I’ve tried all the usual recovery attempts but all have failed – I have a lot of very important files on there that I need to recover. When I do the MacOS utility recovery option it does detect my MacintoshHD drive but it just won’t let me try to rescue it. Do you think it’s realistic to recover my data? Also what sort of cost and timeframe would I be looking at? A lot of these are work files and I need them ASAP. I am located on Lombard Street in London.

I have a 3TB Seagate Barracuda drive taken out of an AirPort Time Capsule 802.11ac. The drive spins up, clicks a few times and spins down – not recognised by a pc. If the data was recoverable how much would it cost?

iPhone Error 14

My phone freezes yesterday, and I tried to update the iOS but failed it shown this msg on the iTunes: “The iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (14). 065B.000E. I have read your article about “Recovering data from iPhone Error 14. However, I never received the msg “Storage almost full” and I haven’t run the restore just yet, and my phone still covering by the Apple 2 years warranty, but I fear if I restore the iPhone or send it to apple, I will lost the data. What I need is just to retrieve the photos took the day before the freeze, as I got back up it’s just the 13 Nov photos are missing, and the photos are very important, so I am trying my luck here.

Covid data recovery

the hard drive was bought by a family member not knowing it was a cheap hard drive. I have lost all my data that has been stored over 3 years. My drive seems to click and I cannot access any of my data. please could you let me know if this can be fixed immediately during the civid pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – custom binary blocked by frp lock

I have an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S7. The battery died and after charging and trying to turn the phone on again it wont boot and only shows “custom binary blocked by frp lock” in red text on the corner of the screen and the battery symbol in the middle. I notice there is a data recovery clinic on Lombard Street in London that has a very good reputation and I have googled the solution but I don’t understand enough to feel comfortable attempting it and don’t want to risk losing the data on my phone trying to do it myself as I don’t have a recent enough back up saved to my hard drive. Is it possible to fix this without losing my data, or if not could my data be retrieved anyway and if this is something you do could you quote me a price?

MacBook Data Recovery

I have the 1TB drive from my 2011 Macbook pro which failed, wouldn’t boot up and wouldn’t detect the drive in recovery mode. I have since replaced the drive but i am interested in recovering the data off of the drive. If i am remembering correctly from the time (~6 Months back) I believe it to be a mechanical issue as it was clicking before powering down.
Is it possible for you to recover data from the drive, and how much would the cost be.

Failed Toshiba HDD data recovery

Toshiba logoWritten below are two problems relating the damaged Toshiba hard drives where the users wish to recover the data.

I have a failed Toshiba HDD that I would like to recover the data from. Unfortunately I tried to self diagnose the problem and opened it, to inspect whether the head had become dislodged from the parking ramp, in all the platter was exposed for about 3-4 minutes.

I then took it to a specialist recovery service by post, who advised that the platter appeared to be in good condition, and that they had seen much worse. There was no head crash after I opened it, as I didn’t power it back up. They dismantled in the clean chamber (and managed to get any dust/debris off). They said the headstack assembly had failed. They fitted 4 different sets of compatible heads to the drive but each time were unable to get the drive to be read. They said it appears the platter has some degredation, and they were unable to access the drive’s service area. They could not get any data off it and consequently sent the drive back to me.
I didn’t want to give up hope of getting the data recovered from it though.
Would this be something you could quote for the data recovery of? (do you think there is a chance of recovery?)

Toshiba hard drive connection loose
I have a Toshiba portable hard drive. The usb cable connection appears to be loose. I opened up and swapped with an identical motherboard from another new hard drive I bought but that didn’t work. I think there may be a firmware issue that means a specific chip needs transferring. If you can help that would be great.