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Recover files from raid 5 arrays Manchester

We have 2 raid 5 arrays that need looking at. Array 1 – 4 x 500 gb disk array, one disk failed possibly due to overheat. We cannot get the array to rebuild. I have a new disk for replacement.
Array number 2 – 4 x 500 gb disk, Working OK but 2 drives accidentally removed while machine on. 2 drives still up, 2 drives OK but not online. Drives in both arrays Seagate Momentus 7200.4
What are my options in recovering the files from these raid 5 arrays?, based on us delivering the HDDs and whatever other kit you need, and 2-3 day turnaround? We are a located in Manchester

One of the raid 5 disks is a hard drive was from an external enclosure, has since been removed as I thought it might be the enclosure causing the problem. The hard drive used to show for a couple of seconds on Windows but then became unresponsive and ejected itself. The hard drive does turn on and spins and is detected by windows but will not show up in the disk manager. We consulted raid data recovery company Data Clinic in Manchester (Bury) and discovered that plugging the hard drive directly into my motherboard froze the PC at boot completely. Connecting it to the raid 5 array for data recovery purposes has a similar effect on the raid and we can not access any of the files stored on it.

The raid 5 arrays use the same hard drives – HGST HTS541010A7E630. When we take these hard drives out of the raid array and connect them to a computer some are recognised, others are not.
Hard Disk Sentinel gives health of 0.
Can anything be done to recover data?

Synology and Buffalo hard drive Data Recovery Liverpool

Our disk has crashed and it needs to be recovered or restored. We are looking for someone in Liverpool to either come and repair it on-site, or take it away for repair. It is a Synology Disk Station DS112. Please let me know if you have any questions. We are looking for a Liverpool based data recovery service.

LiverpoolSeagate external drive with PS4 data on. Received a slight knock and stopped working.

Panasonic Blu Ray HDD Model number DMRBWT720. Accidently deleted the entire contents.Is it recoverable? I want to backup all the data onto a Synology NAS and we are in Liverpool

: Cannot access from PCs, red error light flashing 7 times in 4 seconds and making chugging sound.
Local repair shop has taken drive out of caddy but unable to access data & suggests data recovery service. They think ‘data arm’ may be broken.

WD My passport 1 TB humming and buzzing after being dropped. Not read my laptop – need my data back!

External Hard Drive runs when powered up but data transfer will not work( A to B type lead connection)

Buffalo hard drive makes a clicking sound. Unable to be read and locate data I have the same with a Synology hard drive in Liverpool.

I have a Synology portable hard drive which has been dropped – it has all my brothers A – level work on… just wondering if it was possible to recover?

My 2 TB Buffalo external hard drive has an issue with the connection at the drive. The metal female part has broken away from the inside and come out with the cable.
Any chance of recovery?

My friend did a factory reset and I hadn’t saved all my photos left half unsaved so hoping to recover thankyou

Data Recovery from El Capitan

Mac El CapitanI have a MacBook Pro (Mid 2009 with El Capitan 10.11.6) and was copying over something far too big to my external hard drive (WD My Passport for Mac S/N WX71EBxxx541) so I manually turned the MacBook off by holding down the power button and ever since then my external hard drive cannot be found on my desktop.
I checked via WD Disk Utilities and it wouldn’t open the finder but it could run a basic check on the drive (which passed) but a complete drive check couldn’t be performed. I have tried with a different lead and when I plug the drive into my MacBook it makes a whirring noise and has some clicking like it’s trying to connect but can’t.
Is there any hope for the photos on this hard drive?

Imac won’t boot. Recovery of files from hard drive. Could you let me know a cost? It’s OSX El Capitan operating system. The HDD can be heard attempting to start but has a repetitive whine / whir.
The blue light on the HDD comes on when connected to a machine.
The HDD has a few GB’s of data on it, its hardly used and rarely gets moved from the desk.
Can you give me a price for data recovery?

Macbook not repairing in recovery mode

MacBook Retina 2013 – Will not repair in recovery mode – full hard drive 121GB (?) out of 120GB – No pop up warnings prior to crash. Can you give me any idea of likely prices and process?

The data recovery process will usually take between 5 and 12 days, depending on the fault. The costs can vary between a few hundred pound and several thousands of pounds depending on the type of fault and the type of system.

iPhone locked – how to unlock

Data lost as iphone 6 was factory re-set, data not backed up, need to recover photo’s. iPhone is now locked and I need to unlock it.

Samsung galaxy s7 dropped face down and now has a permanent black screen and isn’t functioning. The phone itself (aside from the screen), appears to be working. The charging light is coming on and you can hear the sounds when you press the keypad. I have taken it into Samsung who said that a new screen is needed, but before I send it off, I would like to retrieve my data on my phone.

I deleted text messages from a contact and I need to recover them. I need text”s from 2 January to 10 Febuary. Plese could you send I quote if you can do this. The phone is now locked.

My Samsung S6 is completely shattered and broken and I was wondering if would be possible to retrieve all the data from it. PLEASE USE EMAIL TO GET BACK – MY PHONE IS NOT WORKING

Locked my daughters iPhone by mistake and had to restore
All her photos have been lost
Is there anyway to get them back. Phone is disabled and needs to be unlocked.

I recently purchased a MicroSD card for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and transferred all my photos onto it. However, I’ve just checked today and a vast majority of the photos are missing from both the SD card and internal memory, and I was wondering if this can be retrieved? If so, what would the costs be?

Disk stopped to read, makes funny noises when replugged and is no longer recognised. (error 10 – device failed to start)

I hope you are well. I am trying to recover my old USB. It is a Sandisk USB and is a few years old. I try putting it in my laptop however it does not open and it flashes green the USB. There are some images which I would like to recover. I have tried using other data recovery software however this specific folder does not recover. Is it possible to let me know if I will be able to recover the specific folder? Also, the images are old and have been save since 2013.

Datos Recuper
Tengo un linkstation NAS LS-XLD95 de 1TB entro en modo de emergencia no aparece como unidad de disco en el equipo, que debo hacer?

Can laptop data be retrieved after a factory reset ?

“I had to reset my laptop to factory settings because it was stuck on windows 10 loops. I used rescue data and saved it to my external hard drive. Once it went to factory setting, I couldn’t restore or recover my data from the external hard drive. Everything is gone!!! I’m not sure what to do as my life depends on it.”

factory resetIt’s a very common question and a what a lot of people resort to if their laptop / desktop computer starts to develop a lot of problems. People think that by doing a factory reset their computer will start to behave properly again. Well it will, but the data on it will no longer be there.

The example above though is slightly different as the user data appears to be on an external hard drive, so performing a factory reset on a laptop should make absolutely no difference to the data on the external hard drive. Unless…

Unless the data on the external hard drive was perhaps encrypted and sync’ed to the laptop with an automatic decryption key ? Or something along those lines.

This is an example of when a factory reset on a computer, be it a laptop or desktop should make absolutely no difference to accessing the data on an external hard drive, but obviously something has gone on that is preventing access to the data on the hard drive.

So what’s the best thing to do? The first rule is not to do anything to the external hard drive – no chkdsk, no scandisk, no re-formatting etc. The problem is probably a rather simple one to find, it’s just finding it that’s the difficultly. So my advice, if you wish to recover the files is not to be hasty. Instead think, and apply some thought to the problem, or contact a decent data recovery company who should be able to work out what the problem is a restore your files for you.

Surface Pro data recovery

It’s a 2004 40 Gbytes IDE Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 from a deceased friend Model Number: ST340014A and it spins-up, but there’s no initialisation sound you usually expect. The BIOS doesn’t see the hard disk drive even when it’s connected internally and before that I had several blue screens of death inbetween boot-ups so I should’ve backed it up, but it’s too late now. Is it possible to recover the files to a Surface Pro computer?

surface pro computerSurface pro 4 won’t boot anymore. Need to send it off the Microsoft so they can replace it under warranty but I need all the data off the 1TB SSD before I send it or I lose it all. I live in london. My hope is that I can get the data without voiding my warranty.

I have an external hard drive (1tb WD around 7 or 8 years old at an estimate) It was plugged into a laptop during a power failure at my offices in Leeds. On restarting the files were not accessible, I think it was displaying raw files. It has been to PC world who said it is the arm. They tried to source one but were unsuccessful. Whether it is the arm or not I am not sure. I have since mislaid the USB connection but I’m sure this is not important. I do have a second 1tb hard drive that can be used for back up if needed.

Similar to your online description, my external hard drive on my Surface pro laptop (Seagate Backup Plus) has started making a strange repetitive noise as soon as I plug it into my Macbook Air (and any other computer for that matter) and its icon does not show on my desktop, thus not allowing to access it. I would obviously be keen to retrieve all my data from it. Please can you also guide me regards pick-up as I work at the MRI and would find it quite difficult to come to Bury.

Galaxy S8 data recovery

I’ve got a Samsung S8 that has been factory reset and our files were corrupted on the samsung smart switch app. So both the pictures were corrupted and lost on the phone. Is this something you can help with? if so how much will this cost?

samsung galaxy s8Password entered too many times. Phone now says iPhone disabled connect to iTunes – I unfortunately do not have a back up and understand restoring will wipe the phone. Are you able to retrieve the data ?

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the phone has frozen and will not react at all.
It is 7 months old.
The screen is black except for
4 lines of red type which say
Boot loader exception and code and other words. I can send you a screenshot.
Cannot turn the phone on or off, powering it down and then recharging changes nothing. Can we recover data from it? Will the recovery process invalidate the warranty/ damage the phone.
Can data held within apps such as notes or videos that have been edited be recovered?

Damaged phone needs data recovery

I’ve recently received a lot of damaged phones from people across the UK who are looking to have their data recovered. Sometimes, repairing a phone is not possible, but it’s easier to retrieve the data from a damaged phone. My phone recovery work at Data Clinic ( has been of huge benefit in helping me recover data from all types of mobile phone.

damaged phones

  • iPhone 7, screen failure. Other than screen failure, rest of phone appears to function, home button appear to respond, as does power as well as volume. Personal phone so I can supply passcode, copy of ID and whatever I remember is on the phone to prove ownership if required. Seeking to recover photo album, not interested in anything else. I cannot be certain that the phone will not immediately wipe as I have removed and placed the sim into a spare phone and logged it into icloud.
  • I have had my two windows phones looked at data wise but couldn’t find much.
  • I can’t remember which Lumia phones one is 7 and one is 8 and looking for deleted data. Phones weren’t reset at all, and the data was recently deleted on both I think and both had stopped being used straight after etc.
  • Samsung galaxy s7edge does not power on, possible motherboard issue. Not battery need data recovery images, contacts
  • Water damaged iphone 6s. Won’t power up, not recognised by computer. Need to recover photos and videos from phone. No itunes/icloud backup available.

Contact me for my rates regarding phone recovery and I’ll see if I can get your data back.

Data recovery in London

I dropped my hard drive and the next day plugged it in to use and it wouldn’t work. I showed it to a pc repair shop and they said it has failed. I am not sure if it makes a clicking noise or anything as I was using it in public and couldn’t hear it. I’m looking for a quote for data recovery, it holds a lot of my medical school files and study videos on it, with exams soon this is a huge loss! Please let me know a quote or give me a call, looking forward to hearing from you. I am from london so I would use one of the London centres

Thanks for your enquiry. Is the data on your hard drive sensitive? ie. is the information on there private? If yes then there are various data recovery protocols that have to be applied when retrieving the files from the hard drive. You are quite welcome to call in at any of the London centres.

Lombard Street data recovery in London

WD My Passport
Hard driver does not show up when connected to computer so unable to open any files. Looking to recover the files on the drive.
Is there a price estimate of how much this would cost and how long it would take?

The costs for having the data taken off a hard drive depend on if there’s anything wrong with the hard drive. If it’s working correctly then it’s a flat fee depending on how many files are on the hard drive. As you say your hard driver doesn’t show up when connected to the computer I assume that there’s a fault on your hard drive – if this is correct then you’ll need a data recovery service to get the files off and the cost for this is around £600.

Western digital Hard drive was not recognised by laptop when starting up. Pescado have looked at it and said to mention them for a rate.

Thank you for your enquiry – I’ve not a clue who Pescado are? Are they a computer firm or a data recovery company?

Raid and lost data

RAID hard drive failure in HPZ420
HPZ420I have a HPZ420 PC which contains a 4 disk raid 10(0+1) configured system which is unable to boot from the operating system. The PC is used to control and receive data from a scientific instrument. A week ago when the PC was working fine I noticed that one of the disks had failed and an HP engineer was called out and replaced the faulty disk but would not reconfigure the RAID system. The PC was still working fine at this point, so I decided to do a back up to external disk overnight, unfortunately the PC failed to complete this before going into its current state of losing the ability to load the operating system. I would like to recover the data.

Lost data on Playstation 4
I basically connected my hard drive with a PlayStation 4; and unplugged it without ejecting it properly – now, when I connect it with my computer it shows up but it doesn’t show my files. I had a chat with my college technician and he believes that it’s not corrupted but we can’t quite figure out the problem. I am just wondering if you are able to get all my work back as it is super important? How long it can take as it is college work and I need to hand it in? And how much do you roughly charge? Thank you so much. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Data recovery charges can vary between several hundred and several thousand pounds. If the problem is on a single hard drive (like a PS4) then the cost is usually much lower than if the problem is spread across many hard drives like on a RAID system. My advice is to do your own research and find a decent data recovery company who can help you.