Phone and Buffalo Linkstation recovery

Failed Drives on Buffalo Linkstation

I have a Buffalo Linkstation Duo LS-WXL series NAS drive with a RAID configuration utilising 2 off WD Caviar Green 1TB drives, the unit is at least 8 years old. Drive 1 failed about 2 years ago, I replaced it (1TB Red) and rebuilt the RAID, system functioning OK until 2 weeks ago. I am in Hertfordshire.
The unit began shutting itself down, there was continued power to it at all times, no errors were flagged by it, I rebooted and it appeared to be functioning but after some time shut down again – this happened a couple more times, then an error was flagged that drive 2 (the original) had a degraded functionality. I replaced drive 2 with a Red 1TB drive and rebuilt the RAID.
This took less than 2 hours, no errors shown on start up but no information on the drive, showing “Storage: RAID Array 1: 0.0 GB / 916.7 GB (0.0 %)” on the buffalo web drive management application. Do you have a data recovery service in Hertfordshire? I have removed power from the unit and put the 2 drives back into the unit that were fitted at point of failure

Buffalo linkstation ls-wxl

iPhone2 32Gb Fix

The battery expanded, breaking the screen. The iPhone charges and the home Botton works, but I can’t unlock it. It has the “core display” but not the external screen.
Seven years ago, my wife took it to a local mobile repairs shop to fix it and recover the data. Everything the did it was to change the iPhone’s name when connected to Photos….
Now, it charges, displays the locked home page, the home Botton works, and Photos recognises the device.
1) I would like to know if there is still data in the device. More specifically, pictures.
2) if the pictures are still there, I would like to know if they are recoverable and the cost to recover them
Is there a phone recovery service in Hertfordshire?

Lacie hard drive recovery

I’ve a Lacie harddisk that suddenly has come up as unitialised after being safely ejected from my Mac last night.

Lacie Hard drive from previous computer would no longer connect successfully or power up. Appears that the connection port may be broken but other issues are likely. Device had important documents/spreadsheets and possibly personal photographs that I would like recovered.
When i plug my Seagate external har drive in my laptop it immediately starts to make a continuous beeping noise.

Lacie hard drive data recovery example

Lacie hard drive reports “Boot drive undetected” on HP Pavillion. Unsure on exact model, now it says no disc drive available.
Only the BIOS is available. Legacy start-up appears to be the primary option. I have not found the software as of yet. I need my files very urgently.
I am able to visit your Lombard St hard drive repair address on a moments notice.

I have a Lacie external hard drive which powers on but is unable to be read by any of my computers. I believe it could have been knocked at some point when in use as I’ve heard a very slight clicking sound when in operation. This contains many audio files for music production as well as many other file types. Could i please get a quote for recovery and if i would need to provide a new external HDD for the data to be put on? I can take the drive to Lombard Street in London.

1TB Lacie External Hard Drive not showing when plugged into multiple macs and using multiple adaptors. Not showing up in disk utility either. Really need to the data recovered if possible as has a lot of work stuff on there!

Data Recovery in Manchester

I have a seagate external drive that’s stopped connecting to my Mac. Is full of photos and vids. Is this something you can look at ? If so – what is the approximate price.
(Note I work in Manchester and can drop it in. I notice you have a data recovery location in Manchester at, can I call in and bring the hard drive to you for file extraction?

SSD Data Recovery

Dear Datlabs Data Recovery, I have a failed internal SSD from a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 laptop. It is a chipset with no outer casing, and the drive has already been tested by a professional with a SATA-to-USB caddy who determined it to be conventionally unreadable. If possible, please let me know if you would take this job and provide me a quote. I realise there may be a high cost involved. If the full drive cannot be recovered, there is some data which takes priority over others.

Recovering Files from a RAID 5

We have a 4 disk RAID5 unit, that has 2 disk errors, so it is unable to rebuild itself, and we can’t mount it to check.
Would you be able to give me an estimate for recovering the data or for rebuilding a disk so it can function again? We are a business in Manchester that needs it’s data back!

SSD Mac Data Recovery

SSD data recovery is becoming ever more popular as the solid state hard drive replaces the mechanically spinning drives. Here are some people who use SSDs that have then failed and they now want to get their data back.

Samsung SSD hard drive data recovery

Ssd has failed and is not recognised on a usb adapter on another PC. I need the data on it. It was checked out but they could not recover any data on my external hard drive for my mac. The drive is making clicking noise and not recognised on computer. It shows up in disk management and but says no media. IMAC will not start up and data therefore cannot be accessed. Want to retrieve data if poss.

SSD drive failed after firmware upgrade

My SSD has failed after firmware upgrade. Mostly photos that I would like to recover. Hard drive was dropped, husband took it to get fixed …they were unable to fix….or retrieve photos…. I was able to update the firmware but now the drive is no showing up. Now I see an error about the SSD that says it has a fatal software error, this fault has only just reported this since the firmware upgrade.

The hard drive is an SSD Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB.

SSD that’s inside an folder Macbook, question mark on startup

SSD not powering on. I have taken out the main motherboard / i.e the logic board to locate where the storage chip is. There are many covers and metal shields that i can’t take off at home. The SSD is water damaged. For the worst case scenario, how much will it cost for me to get this data back.

Phone and Computer for hard drive recovery

Where’s the best place in the UK to get the data from a phone or hard drive recovered? If you ask me the answer has got to be Data Clinic Ltd. They’ve been in the business of retrieving lost files and folders from digital devices that aren’t accessible anymore for almost 20 years. With various office locations around the country, including London and Manchester, Data Clinic are a good place to go if you want your data back.

Spilled drink, now computer not working

Someone spilled drink on my laptop and it is no longer working. It has been with a computer repair guy but he says the memory chip is fried so the data isn’t recoverable. Would you be able to do anything with it or is it definitely gone? Thank you!

spilt drink on computer

Galaxy S6 Edge recover personal data

Galaxy s6 egde please quote me to recover personal data off nand

Hard drive not reading

Hardrive not reading, been assessed and rejected by several companies. Im worried as the first company I had an assessment on said all the sectors where “fine” but didn’t have the equipment to repair, whilst the second company said they where too damaged recover. Please help, even if it means your most complex techniques.

Hard drive says Please Wait…

The hard drive was removed from an old Apple iMac, in working condition. been used for a while with an external caddy. Hard drive now will mount, but no longer shows the contents, the computer can be seen to try and show the data, but it just says please wait and doesn’t get anywhere. No clicking noises or anything like this. Can hear the motor working and sounds ok.

Nokia phone damaged

I was using Nokia7.1, my phone was damaged in a accident, need to take the data ,looks like a small damage in PCB also

Phone recovery in London Leeds and Sheffield

Below we search for a phone data recovery service in London, Leeds and Sheffield.

Need memos off of Samsung Galaxy S5 London

Earlier this week I was trying to sync my memos on my samsung galaxy s5 but it was saying that there was a syncing error so i decided to sign out then sign back in because I couldn’t find an explanation online for it but when I signed back in. My memos were gone and i was so distraught because I had like 198 of them that are important to my career and i’ve recorded them over the period of 5 years. Yesterday when I spoke to someone from samsung London I realised that a sync error means that i didn’t have enough space and that signing out while you have a error would delete the memos and because it’s an old model it doesn’t have a recycling bin but I thought the would automatically be saved on the phone because a sync is just copying them. I wanted to know if there was anything you could do. I can bring the phone in for data recovery in London.

Samsung phone recovery in London

Nokia phone recovery Leeds

Boot rom corruption. photos not synced. Stored on internal memory chip. Nokia Lumia 635 (pdf here) – Looking for quote for data recovery in Leeds. I have photo in mobile phone after formatted this all deleted I want recover data

iPhone crushed on treadmill in Sheffield

My iPhone unfortunately got crushed in a treadmill and the screen smashed. I’m trying to retrieve my data from the phone but can’t unlock it. Sheffield based. How much would this cost if successful?

iPhone Water damage

Won’t turn on
I would like to transfer all the content from my iphone 6s (which is dead due to water damage) to a new phone.

Nokia model 5233

I would like to try and recover the deleted data from my old Nokia and HTC phones.

Croyden and Westminster, Data Recovery in London

My external Hard Drive (WD Elements 2TB) is not being read by the computer quite out of the blue. It stays in my office, was working yesterday, and has not ben dropped or damaged. When connected, the light turns on and you can hear the disk spinning (in a regular way, no ticking noise or anything). I have tried different USBs, different ports, different computers. We are a business in Westminster, London looking for a local data clinic.

Hi, I have an external Western Digital hard drive which has experienced damage to the heads, although it appears no damage to the platter. The drive has been evaluated by a data recovery company in Croyden who cover central London who have replaced the heads and are able to access the data. They have identify that 94.74GB of data is on the drive made up of 1884 folders and 18152 files, they have also given a 95% or better confidence rating that they are able to recover the identified files.
The cost I have been quoted to recover the data is well beyond the value I place on it; therefore I am looking for more competitive quotes to recover the data. Based on the information provided are you able to supply me with a quote to recover the data?

No power indication, No notification light or power on but detected though USB on P.C would like to recover all data on mobile.

Dropped my WD my passport portable device and now it no longer works. Can’t get it to work, partition cannot be found. Need to restore all folders on it.

Accidentally permanently deleted a lot of files from my SSD hard drive.

Sony Xperia Z1 and Checkpoint Endpoint

In this post we look at data recovery on a Sony Xperia Z1 Premium and a hard drive with Checkpoint’s Endpoint encryption.

Came home from holiday to find bios can’t detect it, and also tried in SATA usb caddy and doesn’t find it

We have an external hard drive that we use to store files and we have tried to access it and (a) large files have disappeared and (b) it has strangely sent random files to the trash our (2x) Mac laptops that previously were used to access and read the harddrive. We would like to see if the large files are still on the harddrive and what is causing a strange scrambling of files into our ‘trash’.

Sony Xperia Z1 Premium. Used to turn on doesn’t know pretty sure it’s battery packed in. Can you recover my data? Plz there’s a lot of videos on memory card was deleted by mistake there’s any way to bring them back again

sony xperia z1 premium - data recovery

OS fails to load. When booting in safe mode, system gets part way through loading drivers, then BSOD and reboot.
Disk is encrypted with Check Point Endpoint.

External Mac osx Seagate Firewire drive. Files show up in finder but if you try and copy/move the drive makes mechanical clicking clunking noise and ejects. Do you have a lab to remove platters?

Hard drive has failed? its making a ticking noise and beeping. It is a WD my passport. How much would it cost to have the data recovered from the drive?

Dropped in water without realising for about 40 seconds and have tried putting in rice but its pretty dead. Would now just desperately like the hard drive if its possible; notes, pictures, messages etc

Drive flashes and spins up but doesnt show in My Computer.

My Sony Xperia Z1 Premium screen has broken and I am unable to transfer photos to my laptop which I would like to save. The backlight to the screen is working but the touch features are not.

M.2 drive failed. Tried putting the drive into another laptop, booting a live linux disc to try and read from the drive, and using a M.2 to USB adapter.

IDE Data Recovery

IDE HDDs have more or less disappeared from computers as of 2019. From time to time data recovery companies will get asked to retrieve files from these drives, but an IDE hard drive is a rare item, as the PATA interface they use has been superseded by SATA. As this blog is all about data recovery, if you’re looking to find a decent IDE hard drive data recovery company in the UK just browse some of our pages – we recommend many different service providers.

IDE HDD showing PATA interface

Older IDE (PATA) HDD hard drive 250Gb. makes clicking sound when spinning. certain data is accessible – but only very small files (no more than 50Kb). Drive fails when trying to read anything bigger.

I have an old WD IDE drive which my Mac won’t recognise. I use it to back up my Mac, and it still spins when I plug it in, the drive doesn’t appear on the Mac. I’ve tried a new cable, but no joy. Can you help?

I have an old external hard drive with a USB interface that I need to recover the files from. When I plug it into my computer it says “recovery” and the data does not load. I can see the hard drive has got data on it as around 12gb of space is taken up. I have had it looked at by another company and they advised that the data can be extracted but I could not afford the service at the times. It is personal data, mainly photos and documents.

I have my fingers crossed you can help me. I spilled tea on my IDE hard drive when it was connected to my PC. I took it to local repair shop who told me no liquid had got into any drive but put in the drying machine just in case. On going to collect it they had the bad news that they both were not working so it seems the electrical fuse out cause the damage. They recommended using an IDE hard drive recovery specialist to retrieve my data.

I’ve a hard drive that’s had the following error:
E:/ is not accessible The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error
The hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200 500GB IDE. I really need some help with getting the data/programs off of it but I’ve no idea how to do it. The most important files are relatively small as well and I have tried to run a program to retrieve the data to no success.
The HDD will only be picked up if I put it in a casing and make it an external HDD but it reads as 0 data on disk and doesn’t show up on the file explorer every time.
Please if you have any advice or such the like let me know.

Recovering data from old hard drives

I pulled out a few Hard Discs from old laptops and PC’s from over the years. I’ve tried using caddies with some success but have a few drives I can’t get any life out of them. There’s a data recovery service in Glasgow that I’m looking to use.

WD7500BPKT (750Gb SATA) x2 (laptop size)
WD10EARS (1Tb SATA) x2 (desktop size)
WD3200 (320Gb IDE) (desktop size)
MPD3064AT (6Gb IDE) (desktop size)
Maxtor (40Gb IDE) (desktop size)

I am aiming to recover deleted screenshots and video clips saved in the capture gallery app of a Playstation 4. Would your Glasgow hard drive recovery company be able to recover these videos and photos assuming that the PS4 uses a WD7500BPKT hard drive that can be read only by the PS4 itself?

recover data from old hard drives

I have a WD10EARS external hard drive. The port on the device does not seem to have a snug fit with the USB lead and in the last couple of weeks THE DEVICE has slipped off my desk onto the carpeted floor. Tonight my laptop stated that the USB was not recognised and so I could not get to my data. When connected the device seems to make a squeaking/creaking sound rather than a clicking sound (but you may think otherwise being the experts) and the light flashes on the device. The lap top says on device manager that the device is working properly!
Can you possibly help me access my data stored on the device? I also have a 320GB Seagate Free Agent Go that the data could perhaps be transferred to…but I’m not sure how much data is on the 500GB device.

External Hard drive (WD3200) stopped working getting nothing at all when plugged into my desktop computer. My computer engineer tried it in an external device and still nothing can you help.

Hard drive (MPD3064AT) is used to transport data between home and school and does get knocked around sometimes. This morning when I plugged it into my work PC the drive spun up and the folder opened but when I tried to access a file it crashed. From then on the PC would not even recognise the drive was connected. I’ve had problems with the USB cable before so I tried a new one and it worked for a few moments (I even managed to transfer a small number of files off) before it crashed again. Now the mac will not recognise it either.
The drive contains a large number of teaching resources (I am a Science teacher) and I really cannot afford to have to make them all again.