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Data Recovery – Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow and Seagate

Data Recovery by Data Clinic LtdSamsung S6 phone recovery – Birmingham
Around 8 months ago I was pushed into a canal in Birmingham with my Samsung S6 in my pocket – it wouldn’t turn on after that. There’s nothing too important on there, but a few years worth of photos and videos that if possible I’d like to be recovered for sentimental value. I did look into options at the time but was financially struggling so couldn’t really proceed, where as now I’m in more of a financial position so can look back into this. What do you think – is this something you might be able to look into? And if so do you know roughly how much it might cost?
Go to Data Clinic’s Birmingham data recovery page

Recover data from Huawei phone Bristol
I dropped my huawei p30 lite in the sea when in Bristol – it died pretty much soon as I picked it up (after vibrating with a black screen), I just wanted to query if the photos would be able to be recovered and an approximate cost/range?
Go to Data Clinic’s Data Recovery service, Bristol page.

Retrieve data from Samsung Phone, Glasgow
Samsung Galaxy S8 has completely died. Unresponsive to reset instructions. I just need to retrieve everything from it then I will get another phone. How much roughly would this cost and how can we get the retrieved data onto a new device please. The Data Clinic office in Glasgow handles Samsung data retrieval work so you can drop your phone off at the office address

Seagate hard drive recovery
I dropped my seagate external hard drive and it is now beeping when I attempt to connect. I live in London and would like to bring the hard drive into a Data Clinic location for data recovery. Data Clinic Ltd perform Seagate data recovery services at their London location.

Phone Data Recovery
Phone is actually working fine, the screen just does not work. I attempted to repair it myself by replacing the screen but I must have messed something up as both my screens don’t work now. I was able to use the phone completely through scrcpy on windows pc, but i foolishly turned off usb debugging while doing this so I cannot use this method anymore.
If there is no other method to get my data back (preferably full file system, but essentially all photos and videos including whatsapp folders etc) then data recovery is a road I’m willing to take, but if you know of another method where I can get the phone working again/access the data without recovery please do let me know.

Data Clinic Ltd Data Clinic Ltd

Data Recovery on Lombard Street London

Lombard Street Data Recovery in London WD Elements WDBUZG5000ABK-04

Teacher has dropped their HDD from about 30cm. It’s a WD Elements WDBUZG5000ABK-04 external hard drive and now its making a clicking noise and the computer can’t find it. I’ve taken the HDD out of the enclosure, looked at the Physical drive. USB logic board. Looks like the 3 of the 5 usb3.0 pins are either damaged or missing.
Plugged in a microusb 2.0 cable to see if I can get the data off of the drive at a lower speed- No Joy.
When you plug in the drive the USB interface is detected by the host system. If you open device manager it (did) show up the USB Interface for the drive, but nothing appears in disk management.
The Drives power/activity light does come on when its plugged in but then disappears after a few seconds.

iPod data recovery

I have a 60GB 5th Gen iPod that clicks and fails when trying to boot. I doubt repair is possible but would like to maybe get my music collection back if it is at all affordable. I am fairly local to the Lombard Street location (I am in Twickenham) so could possibly drop off. Could you possibly tell me the sort of cost I might expect for this?

MacBook Air Data Recovery

My MacBook Air from 2012 has died. And I’ve tried all the usual recovery attempts but all have failed – I have a lot of very important files on there that I need to recover. When I do the MacOS utility recovery option it does detect my MacintoshHD drive but it just won’t let me try to rescue it. Do you think it’s realistic to recover my data? Also what sort of cost and timeframe would I be looking at? A lot of these are work files and I need them ASAP. I am located on Lombard Street in London.

I have a 3TB Seagate Barracuda drive taken out of an AirPort Time Capsule 802.11ac. The drive spins up, clicks a few times and spins down – not recognised by a pc. If the data was recoverable how much would it cost?

iPhone Error 14

My phone freezes yesterday, and I tried to update the iOS but failed it shown this msg on the iTunes: “The iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (14). 065B.000E. I have read your article about “Recovering data from iPhone Error 14. However, I never received the msg “Storage almost full” and I haven’t run the restore just yet, and my phone still covering by the Apple 2 years warranty, but I fear if I restore the iPhone or send it to apple, I will lost the data. What I need is just to retrieve the photos took the day before the freeze, as I got back up it’s just the 13 Nov photos are missing, and the photos are very important, so I am trying my luck here.

Covid data recovery

the hard drive was bought by a family member not knowing it was a cheap hard drive. I have lost all my data that has been stored over 3 years. My drive seems to click and I cannot access any of my data. please could you let me know if this can be fixed immediately during the civid pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – custom binary blocked by frp lock

I have an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S7. The battery died and after charging and trying to turn the phone on again it wont boot and only shows “custom binary blocked by frp lock” in red text on the corner of the screen and the battery symbol in the middle. I notice there is a data recovery clinic on Lombard Street in London that has a very good reputation and I have googled the solution but I don’t understand enough to feel comfortable attempting it and don’t want to risk losing the data on my phone trying to do it myself as I don’t have a recent enough back up saved to my hard drive. Is it possible to fix this without losing my data, or if not could my data be retrieved anyway and if this is something you do could you quote me a price?

MacBook Data Recovery

I have the 1TB drive from my 2011 Macbook pro which failed, wouldn’t boot up and wouldn’t detect the drive in recovery mode. I have since replaced the drive but i am interested in recovering the data off of the drive. If i am remembering correctly from the time (~6 Months back) I believe it to be a mechanical issue as it was clicking before powering down.
Is it possible for you to recover data from the drive, and how much would the cost be.

Recovering data from old hard drives

I pulled out a few Hard Discs from old laptops and PC’s from over the years. I’ve tried using caddies with some success but have a few drives I can’t get any life out of them. There’s a data recovery service in Glasgow that I’m looking to use.

WD7500BPKT (750Gb SATA) x2 (laptop size)
WD10EARS (1Tb SATA) x2 (desktop size)
WD3200 (320Gb IDE) (desktop size)
MPD3064AT (6Gb IDE) (desktop size)
Maxtor (40Gb IDE) (desktop size)

I am aiming to recover deleted screenshots and video clips saved in the capture gallery app of a Playstation 4. Would your Glasgow hard drive recovery company be able to recover these videos and photos assuming that the PS4 uses a WD7500BPKT hard drive that can be read only by the PS4 itself?

recover data from old hard drives

I have a WD10EARS external hard drive. The port on the device does not seem to have a snug fit with the USB lead and in the last couple of weeks THE DEVICE has slipped off my desk onto the carpeted floor. Tonight my laptop stated that the USB was not recognised and so I could not get to my data. When connected the device seems to make a squeaking/creaking sound rather than a clicking sound (but you may think otherwise being the experts) and the light flashes on the device. The lap top says on device manager that the device is working properly!
Can you possibly help me access my data stored on the device? I also have a 320GB Seagate Free Agent Go that the data could perhaps be transferred to…but I’m not sure how much data is on the 500GB device.

External Hard drive (WD3200) stopped working getting nothing at all when plugged into my desktop computer. My computer engineer tried it in an external device and still nothing can you help.

Hard drive (MPD3064AT) is used to transport data between home and school and does get knocked around sometimes. This morning when I plugged it into my work PC the drive spun up and the folder opened but when I tried to access a file it crashed. From then on the PC would not even recognise the drive was connected. I’ve had problems with the USB cable before so I tried a new one and it worked for a few moments (I even managed to transfer a small number of files off) before it crashed again. Now the mac will not recognise it either.
The drive contains a large number of teaching resources (I am a Science teacher) and I really cannot afford to have to make them all again.

RAID 5 Data Recovery

In the world of UK data recovery services, I notice that the homepage of RAID recovery experts has been rewritten. It’s good I like the changes: they’ve split the site into two. The first part offers data recovery services from larger systems such as HP and Dell RAID 5 server arrays, whilst the second focuses on DIY data recovery – how to tell what problem your hard drive has and then provides solutions for how to recover the files yourself. Data Recovery Tips is an English site, with locations up and down the country including London, Birmingham and Manchester.

digital data representation

Need data from old laptops
I also have things I need retrieving from three laptops that are few years old and are not used anymore. Once we sort the phone out I can look further into the laptops. I should be available for the next few days to discuss but I will be in Ireland from Thursday and unavailable until the following Tuesday. I look forward to hearing back from you.

I have an external sea gate hard drive. It doesn’t register if I plug it into my computers. It’s not reading. Took it to an it shop and they said they couldn’t do it.
They said it smells burnt inside. Can you help ?

My hard drive is a 500gb disk for Mac book Pro
Dec 16 is the date on the hardware
7200 rpm
My hard drive doesn’t read itself anymore and I’d like a quote on the recovery of the data, please.

Need data back from phone

I am looking to retrieve text messages on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Phone. They were not deleted but over time disappeared from some of my text message chains. Can you help with this?

Screen keyboard on my Windows phone (Lumia 625) stopped working so have been unable start phone to recover lot of photos saved to memory (SD card had some but not all, so have removed this ). Have moved SIM and SD to new phone. Any chance of getting photos off old phone?

For the laptop and phone enquiries use the Data Recovery Tips site to troubleshoot the hardware and suggest solutions to retrieve the files, for the RAID 5 go straight to the site’s data recovery recommendations.

Black screen, nothing coming up

Here are a few questions I’ve received about what to do when your computer won’t boot, or when you switch it on and nothing comes up. Try these and if you have a problem similar to what I’ve described, you can get in touch if you need further help.

blank screen pc wont boot

I was on my computer last night and the following morning I booted it up and the screen was black. I took it to a repair store and they found that it was corrupt. I need all the data on there otherwise I will fail my A level as it has all of my Final work on there. I should have known to back it up. I was just wondering how much it would cost for it to be recovered with all the data. I live in the North West or England and my nearest cities are around Greater Manchester and Stockport.

I dropped my hard drive and now it won’t connect to my computer. I have a lot of important information on there so wanted to find out if it is recoverable?

One day suddenly stopped working , disc is 2TB WD. It start making weird noises. I’ve put disc on side for 3/4 years till now when I found your company. Disc was almost full.

I have a WD passport which has suddenly stopped being recognised by my Mac. I have tried plugging it into other computers, but nothing is coming up. The light flashes and it emits a beeping noise and makes a whirring noise. Is there any way to recover my data? Failed clicking imac hard drive

Would you able to recover files from Archos AV300? The hard drive itself is made by Toshiba. An idea of the job can be seen here

Broken, Bust or Inaccessible?!

Is your hard drive or phone broken, bust or just inaccessible?? Here are some of the latest questions asked of us regarding file recovery.

hard drive inaccessibleMy hard drive is currently inaccessible. It powers up but the data cannot be seen. I would like to recover it and install it on another hard drive. The drive is 4TB in size with around 350gb used. What is the cost of recovery?

My Acer aspire 5552 laptop has broke. First the mouse wouldn’t appear on screen then when restarted the screen is black. I was wondering if it is possible to rescue the files on the desk top? And if it can be done how much this may cost?

My mac book crashed on me while my western digital my passport ultra hard drive was attached and I had to force shut down my mac book and couldn’t eject my hard drive properly. when I plug my hard drive back into my mac book it is not found but when I plug it into a windows laptop it is found but wont mount up properly and i cant access it to retrieve my files.

My hard-drive crashed unexpectedly and won’t boot

A compact flash card from a Nikon camera, Kingston 32GB ultimate 600X.
Holiday pictures. I have tried to read with both mac and pc both failed pc does not recognise card. I know the pictures are there as I looked at them with the camera before trying to download with the reader. I think the reader has damaged the pin holes.

Maxtor One touch. My PC does not “see” this device anymore. I recently moved the drive and PC, but the drive was working post-move for a couple of weeks.
There is no sound coming from the drive.
There is no indication/power light coming on either.
I have tried removing and re-inserting the data cable to the PC, but no result. I intend to bring the drive in on Monday. Can the data ( JPEGs) be recovered and transferred to another external hard drive if the Maxtor is unusable?

Seagate external hard drive not regognised in Windows need data of the drive. Hard drive shows light when plugged in but will not be recoginsed by computer.

Water Damaged Hard Drive

Here’s an interesting recent question that was submitted to me from a couple of days back:

Hitachi H2T500854S HDD“We are a computer maintenance company. We have a Laptop on behalf of a customer with a water affected Hard drive. The drive is a Hitachi 2.5” P/N H2T500854S SATA. We have cleaned the liquid from the PCB and drive body but it still appears dead and will not spin up. Our customer has asked us to obtain a budget quote for Data recovery so would be grateful if you could give us a rough estimate for you guys to do this.”

As you’ve already cleaned the drive up and dried it out, my instinct is that the drive has a faulty component on it’s PCB. This is actually very common, particularly if the laptop computer was on at the time water was spilt on it. When the water encountered the PCB the effect would have been a short circuit across the hard drive’s PCB with a very high probability that one or more components on the board will have been damaged.

Finding a compatible hard drive PCB is what you need to do, but replacing the existing PCB with the replacement one will not result in the hard drive giving up it’s data. The hard drive will start to work again insomuch as it will power up, but it will now tick. This is because the hard drive is running with the wrong roadmap. It’s necessary to copy the data across from the ROM on the old PCB across to the new one before the drive will be fully restored and the data can again be accessed.

Sourcing the PCB will be difficult enough – it’s not just a case of finding the same model hard drive and using it’s controller board. Hard drive models are manufactured in tens of thousands, and each production run is slightly different – components change which change the overall configuration of the hard drive. Therefore you need to find a match as close to the manufactured date of your hard drive as you can. This way you have a much better chance of ensuring that the components used on the two hard drives are the same.

Data Recovery London and Manchester

I’ve recently been asked for some advice regarding retrieving the files from two broken hard drives.

– I live in London and I have a Mac drive that no longer mounts. i have photos that I would like to recover. The drive has been removed and appears to spin fine but the os doesn’t pick it up. It is a WD Passport Ultra and was fine 2 weeks ago, then suddenly started running very slowly. Are you able to copy the data onto another drive?

– I also have an external hard drive at my Manchester location (Bolton). It is turning on when I plug it into my Mac, but it makes a funny noise and is unable to connect. I have some files on there that I need. If I come in, how long will it take for you to fix the problem and if you can retrieve the files and do I need to bring in another hard drive or can you drop box them to me?

LondonBefore I can fix a broken hard drive that doesn’t mount and a hard drive that is making a funny noise, I need to be able to correctly diagnose the problem that the drive has. Trying to diagnose the problem with a hard drive is difficult at best when it’s not possible to see the hard drive and the only source of information is email. Therefore rather than speculate and perhaps get the hard drive diagnosis totally wrong, I agree with what you suggest in your question, if you can bring your harddrives into a local lab they can be inspected by a recovery engineer who should be able to detect what the fault with the drives is and provide a price for recovering the data for you. A popular company in the United Kingdom who do a lot of hard drive recovery work is Data Clinic – they have recovery labs around England including in London and Manchester. For a complete list of their locations go here:

Although you haven’t described your second hard drive in great detail, your first hard drive, a Western Digital (WD) Passport Ultra is a popular hard drive that many people have. For experience I have discovered that quite a few of the faults with this hard drive are of a serious enough nature to require a data recovery company. What I am saying here is don’t be tempted into either trying to fix the hard drive yourself or taking to a friend or colleague who purports to know a bit about computers. I have discovered hard drives and the subject of data recovery to be a in-depth issue, requiring a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to provide even a semi-decent data recovery service. The last thing you want to do is place a broken hard drive in the hands of a well meaning friend or colleague who hasn’t the slightest idea about how to retrieve the data. This is the very reason data recovery companies exist – they are specialist service providers with expert knowledge in how to rescue the data from broken hard drives.

Samsung M3 HDD Repair

Since my move into hard drive repair and data recovery I’ve received several questions about broken storage drives asking me if I think there is any chance that the data on them can be recovered. Here’s a question from yesterday:

samsung m3 harddriveSamsung M3 1TB Portable Harddrive. I was saving a word document last night and suddenly the Word stopped responding and the harddrive was[n’t] recognised by the laptop. I tried it on another computer and it still didn’t work. When it is connected to the laptop now, it makes a clicking noise like something is caught. I looked online and tried opening it up as some sites said the reader may be caught. I couldn’t get it open, so left it how it was. I’ve got some really important files on it linked to my teacher training course. I really need them back. Would be appreciated if you could help.

Thanks for your question, I’m glad you couldnt open your harddrive as if you had you’d have made my job twice as difficult. My people use the analogy of a needle and a record player when describing how a hard drive actually works and I suppose from a general point of view this isn’t wrong.

When a harddrive makes a clicking noise like something is caught, the sound you are hearing is the sound of the harddrive reseting itself as it tries to complete it’s task again. The reason is because there’s a part of the harddrive that is broken, and in order to get the data from the harddrive, that broken part has to be replaced with a new compatible part. Such repairs are complex and usually cost upwards of £500. It’s a process that takes several days as well and you’ll have to send your hard drive off to a specialist such as who will be able to repair the harddrive and retrieve the files from it for you. I’m quite certain that if they can’t do the work then you don’t pay either so this is something to consider also.

Recovering Deleted Data

If there’s nothing wrong with your hard drive, then you can use either software or an online data recovery service to recover your data.

Online Data Recovery Service | Data Clinic LtdThe reasons hard disks fail are several, for example they can be knocked or get the incorrect power supplies connected to them, so when you save your files to your hard drive please remember the safety of your own files is not guaranteed. Occasionally it is necessary to mend a hard disk that has developed a fault to be able to retrieve the folders on it that is not saved elsewhere. At times like these you must hire a specialist data recovery business, that are skilled in recovering the data from crashed hard-drive. Many years ago there were not that many data recovery businesses in existence, these days there are many and sadly a lot of them are not really good. Do not make the mistake of thinking the capabilities of data recovery companies are exactly the same. Their capabilities vary greatly – just because they have a decent looking web site doesn’t mean they could repair your hard drive or restore the missing files on it.

Your PC contains at least one hard disk drive. It’s the part of the computer system that stores all of the information, documents and photos you make. A hard drive is regularly full of treasured folders, so obviously, a hard drive fault is better avoided.

Occasionally if there is no damage with the hard drive, software programs may be used to help you retrieve your missing folders yourself. There are generally trial versions which can be found on the web that may let you know what they can and can’t recover first. If you decide to restore the data the software find you’ll need to purchase the application licence which generally costs several pounds. A word of warning though, what may at first appear to be a straightforward hard drive problem could be something far more serious and trying to rescue the data yourself may cause many more troubles. So if in doubt, you always need to seek specialist assistance because there might be difficulties in part of your hard drive that stop it from functioning properly.

Remember that because your hard disk breaks or the data it contains appear to have gone, this does not mean the files are gone forever. Experienced folder retrieval firms can find and rescue lost files on a damaged hard drive. In the complete process of restoring the data, the hard drive faults that led to the folders getting lost in the very first instance will likely be fixed. This is beneficial because it ensures that it isn’t going to occur again.