CCTV and DVR Image Recovery

Image and picture recovery from CCTV DVRSecurity systems have evolved over the years and many include video recording systems. The old days of recording over old tapes with their limited potential to investigate breaches in security are long gone. Most systems have the ability to store as much past history as desired in easy to search formats. A top contender in the field DVR based CCTV systems.

How DVR Based CCTV Systems Work

DVR-based CCTV security systems work by recording videos from one or several cameras located throughout the facility. Closed circuit television (CCTV) then transmits those signals to a limited set of monitors using a variety of security measures. Video recordings can be stored on the hard drive of the central computer or downloaded to DVR discs for long term storage.

There are a variety of software packages. Some systems are setup to record all of the time. Other programs trigger recordings when an alarm is activated or motion in the area of the camera is detected. Qualified security professionals work with customers to determine the best software and methods to use for maximum safety.

DVR based CCTV security systems have multiple options. Sound can be included and they can be hardwired to cameras located within a single facility or connected to a secure network with the video images routed to screening rooms located at a distance. Setting a system up requires skilled technicians who understand both computer security and advanced network technology.

How Data Loss Occurs In A DVR Based CCTV System

Poor picture quality or complete loss of data can occur for a variety of reasons. Loss can be linked to harsh environmental conditions, damaged cables, or problems within the software itself. When data is lost, security is compromised and troubleshooting procedures are vital tools within a security maintenance plan. Poor storage conditions may also contribute to a breakdown in archived files.

Cameras that are placed in outside environments are subject to failure if they aren’t properly protected from the elements. These electronic devices rely upon maintenance of temperature and conditions that keep moisture out of the works. Early signs of damage include increasingly poor picture quality and gaps in recording during operation. If the situation is not corrected, cameras will cease functioning altogether.

Damage to cabling can result from a variety of causes. Small rodents may gnaw on them or the wires may have been warped during installation. When all of the recordings along a single cable line show distortion, a good bet is that a single cable is the source of the problem.

Software issues can contribute to data loss when the configuration is updated and a sufficient amount of storage isn’t allocated. If the feed is IP based, gaps may occur when the internet temporarily goes down. Check into solutions that exist for storing the data until it can be transmitted and make sure that you add them before data loss occurs.

Long term problems occur when archived files are stored in improper conditions. Many companies hire storage facilities to ensure that their data files maintain their integrity. Security system experts recommend length of storage times that are dependent upon the type of surveillance requested.

Data Recovery For Your DVR CCTV Security System

CCTV image file and data recovery

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You should consider hiring a DVR / CCTV data recovery service for your DVR based CCTV security system when a worst-case scenario such as a fire or flood occurs, or CCTV image data has been lost as a result of vandalism or sabotage. Skilled technicians have specialized equipment to coax data recovery from severely damaged equipment. In cases of hardware failure, data recovery experts can not only restore lost data but they can also help you reconfigure your system to avoid future problems.

When your video feed starts delivering distortions in the output, it’s a good idea to call in a data recovery specialist before the situations devolves into a more serious problem. Controlled investigation can uncover problems within your system or evidence of outside hacking engineered to breach your security system. The advanced technology involved in a DVR based CCTV system provides a spectacular means to protect your investment and ensure safety. However, the advanced technology also requires advanced experts to work on it.

Consider consulting with an expert to recover lost data. You will be surprised how quickly it can be recovered.