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Data Recovery by Data Clinic LtdSamsung S6 phone recovery – Birmingham
Around 8 months ago I was pushed into a canal in Birmingham with my Samsung S6 in my pocket – it wouldn’t turn on after that. There’s nothing too important on there, but a few years worth of photos and videos that if possible I’d like to be recovered for sentimental value. I did look into options at the time but was financially struggling so couldn’t really proceed, where as now I’m in more of a financial position so can look back into this. What do you think – is this something you might be able to look into? And if so do you know roughly how much it might cost?
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Recover data from Huawei phone Bristol
I dropped my huawei p30 lite in the sea when in Bristol – it died pretty much soon as I picked it up (after vibrating with a black screen), I just wanted to query if the photos would be able to be recovered and an approximate cost/range?
Go to Data Clinic’s Data Recovery service, Bristol page.

Retrieve data from Samsung Phone, Glasgow
Samsung Galaxy S8 has completely died. Unresponsive to reset instructions. I just need to retrieve everything from it then I will get another phone. How much roughly would this cost and how can we get the retrieved data onto a new device please. The Data Clinic office in Glasgow handles Samsung data retrieval work so you can drop your phone off at the office address

Seagate hard drive recovery
I dropped my seagate external hard drive and it is now beeping when I attempt to connect. I live in London and would like to bring the hard drive into a Data Clinic location for data recovery. Data Clinic Ltd perform Seagate data recovery services at their London location.

Phone Data Recovery
Phone is actually working fine, the screen just does not work. I attempted to repair it myself by replacing the screen but I must have messed something up as both my screens don’t work now. I was able to use the phone completely through scrcpy on windows pc, but i foolishly turned off usb debugging while doing this so I cannot use this method anymore.
If there is no other method to get my data back (preferably full file system, but essentially all photos and videos including whatsapp folders etc) then data recovery is a road I’m willing to take, but if you know of another method where I can get the phone working again/access the data without recovery please do let me know.

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