Data Recovery in Manchester

I have a seagate external drive that’s stopped connecting to my Mac. Is full of photos and vids. Is this something you can look at ? If so – what is the approximate price.
(Note I work in Manchester and can drop it in. I notice you have a data recovery location in Manchester at, can I call in and bring the hard drive to you for file extraction?

SSD Data Recovery

Dear Datlabs Data Recovery, I have a failed internal SSD from a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 laptop. It is a chipset with no outer casing, and the drive has already been tested by a professional with a SATA-to-USB caddy who determined it to be conventionally unreadable. If possible, please let me know if you would take this job and provide me a quote. I realise there may be a high cost involved. If the full drive cannot be recovered, there is some data which takes priority over others.

Recovering Files from a RAID 5

We have a 4 disk RAID5 unit, that has 2 disk errors, so it is unable to rebuild itself, and we can’t mount it to check.
Would you be able to give me an estimate for recovering the data or for rebuilding a disk so it can function again? We are a business in Manchester that needs it’s data back!

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