Data Recovery London and Manchester

I’ve recently been asked for some advice regarding retrieving the files from two broken hard drives.

– I live in London and I have a Mac drive that no longer mounts. i have photos that I would like to recover. The drive has been removed and appears to spin fine but the os doesn’t pick it up. It is a WD Passport Ultra and was fine 2 weeks ago, then suddenly started running very slowly. Are you able to copy the data onto another drive?

– I also have an external hard drive at my Manchester location (Bolton). It is turning on when I plug it into my Mac, but it makes a funny noise and is unable to connect. I have some files on there that I need. If I come in, how long will it take for you to fix the problem and if you can retrieve the files and do I need to bring in another hard drive or can you drop box them to me?

LondonBefore I can fix a broken hard drive that doesn’t mount and a hard drive that is making a funny noise, I need to be able to correctly diagnose the problem that the drive has. Trying to diagnose the problem with a hard drive is difficult at best when it’s not possible to see the hard drive and the only source of information is email. Therefore rather than speculate and perhaps get the hard drive diagnosis totally wrong, I agree with what you suggest in your question, if you can bring your harddrives into a local lab they can be inspected by a recovery engineer who should be able to detect what the fault with the drives is and provide a price for recovering the data for you. A popular company in the United Kingdom who do a lot of hard drive recovery work is Data Clinic – they have recovery labs around England including in London and Manchester. For a complete list of their locations go here:

Although you haven’t described your second hard drive in great detail, your first hard drive, a Western Digital (WD) Passport Ultra is a popular hard drive that many people have. For experience I have discovered that quite a few of the faults with this hard drive are of a serious enough nature to require a data recovery company. What I am saying here is don’t be tempted into either trying to fix the hard drive yourself or taking to a friend or colleague who purports to know a bit about computers. I have discovered hard drives and the subject of data recovery to be a in-depth issue, requiring a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to provide even a semi-decent data recovery service. The last thing you want to do is place a broken hard drive in the hands of a well meaning friend or colleague who hasn’t the slightest idea about how to retrieve the data. This is the very reason data recovery companies exist – they are specialist service providers with expert knowledge in how to rescue the data from broken hard drives.

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