Data Recovery on Lombard Street London

Lombard Street Data Recovery in London WD Elements WDBUZG5000ABK-04

Teacher has dropped their HDD from about 30cm. It’s a WD Elements WDBUZG5000ABK-04 external hard drive and now its making a clicking noise and the computer can’t find it. I’ve taken the HDD out of the enclosure, looked at the Physical drive. USB logic board. Looks like the 3 of the 5 usb3.0 pins are either damaged or missing.
Plugged in a microusb 2.0 cable to see if I can get the data off of the drive at a lower speed- No Joy.
When you plug in the drive the USB interface is detected by the host system. If you open device manager it (did) show up the USB Interface for the drive, but nothing appears in disk management.
The Drives power/activity light does come on when its plugged in but then disappears after a few seconds.

iPod data recovery

I have a 60GB 5th Gen iPod that clicks and fails when trying to boot. I doubt repair is possible but would like to maybe get my music collection back if it is at all affordable. I am fairly local to the Lombard Street location (I am in Twickenham) so could possibly drop off. Could you possibly tell me the sort of cost I might expect for this?

MacBook Air Data Recovery

My MacBook Air from 2012 has died. And I’ve tried all the usual recovery attempts but all have failed – I have a lot of very important files on there that I need to recover. When I do the MacOS utility recovery option it does detect my MacintoshHD drive but it just won’t let me try to rescue it. Do you think it’s realistic to recover my data? Also what sort of cost and timeframe would I be looking at? A lot of these are work files and I need them ASAP. I am located on Lombard Street in London.

I have a 3TB Seagate Barracuda drive taken out of an AirPort Time Capsule 802.11ac. The drive spins up, clicks a few times and spins down – not recognised by a pc. If the data was recoverable how much would it cost?

iPhone Error 14

My phone freezes yesterday, and I tried to update the iOS but failed it shown this msg on the iTunes: “The iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (14). 065B.000E. I have read your article about “Recovering data from iPhone Error 14. However, I never received the msg “Storage almost full” and I haven’t run the restore just yet, and my phone still covering by the Apple 2 years warranty, but I fear if I restore the iPhone or send it to apple, I will lost the data. What I need is just to retrieve the photos took the day before the freeze, as I got back up it’s just the 13 Nov photos are missing, and the photos are very important, so I am trying my luck here.

Covid data recovery

the hard drive was bought by a family member not knowing it was a cheap hard drive. I have lost all my data that has been stored over 3 years. My drive seems to click and I cannot access any of my data. please could you let me know if this can be fixed immediately during the civid pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – custom binary blocked by frp lock

I have an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S7. The battery died and after charging and trying to turn the phone on again it wont boot and only shows “custom binary blocked by frp lock” in red text on the corner of the screen and the battery symbol in the middle. I notice there is a data recovery clinic on Lombard Street in London that has a very good reputation and I have googled the solution but I don’t understand enough to feel comfortable attempting it and don’t want to risk losing the data on my phone trying to do it myself as I don’t have a recent enough back up saved to my hard drive. Is it possible to fix this without losing my data, or if not could my data be retrieved anyway and if this is something you do could you quote me a price?

MacBook Data Recovery

I have the 1TB drive from my 2011 Macbook pro which failed, wouldn’t boot up and wouldn’t detect the drive in recovery mode. I have since replaced the drive but i am interested in recovering the data off of the drive. If i am remembering correctly from the time (~6 Months back) I believe it to be a mechanical issue as it was clicking before powering down.
Is it possible for you to recover data from the drive, and how much would the cost be.

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