Got a hard drive problem?

If you’ve a hard drive problem, join the club! It seems that at the moment it’s a very big problem for many people as the following shows:

I have a client who’s laptop drive has sector faults. This means he can’t access all files. We have only been able to recover a subset of data files not showing sector fault.
Is this recoverable? If so what would be the costs and process to follow to recover this data?

a seagate hard diskMy new-ish Asus zen book has a SSD hard drive. I accidentally dragged my documents and downloads folders onto the desktop and deleted them. Of course they are not in the recycle bin!
Please can you undelete these folders and content for me?

The hard drive has been slightly scratched and hasn’t worked in years. It won’t read the hard drive on anything and I have tried changing the outer case but still doesn’t work. After about 5-10 minutes it stops trying to read the disk but only goes half way across the disk

2TB G-Drive by G-Technology
I am trying to copy footage I backed up on this drive after loosing my own day-to-day drive, however it is taking a silly amount of time to get off of the drive.
219mb currently taking 2 hours… I have 30gb to get off it urgently and it is saying 2 days…
Is there a way to speed this up? Can you fix this? It’s the last copy of the footage I have so it’s vital I don’t loose it.

I have had to change my laptop hard drive due to a fault on it. I have a lot of data on the old drive that I really would like to recover if possible. The drive sounds like it has power to it, but doesn’t read the operating system and I can’t access it as an external drive using a cable. How much do you charge to check the drive and if possible extract the data from it for me please?

Accidentally deleted images on my Mac laptop, I emptied the trash before realizing I had many photos on there that I shouldn’t have deleted really hope if you could somehow get them back

I have an external Toshiba hard drive. The inside of the drive appears to have become detached so the connecting wire now doesn’t connect.
I need this repaired urgently.

Windows 7 hard drive not booting. Not recognised by bios. Makes a “grinding” sound when PC switched on. Drive removed from PC – we’d like any data we can get off it. Drive details: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 750 Gbytes.
Can you help? What is the likely cost?
Best to respond by email as I’m not always able to pick up the phone.

Have a Dell PC running FreeNAS as a fileserver, which stopped booting. The hard drive is a SATA WD3200KS. Have taken out the drive and tried to connect to other Windows Vista PC. I could see the drive in Drive Manager but no working volume. I have tried to connect via usb convertor to a Linux machine but this could not mount the drive. I think the drive is about half full 150GB.

drive is not being detected by computer, it sounds like is powering up then the power is lost after a couple of seconds. I have tried it in a different caddy with the same result. I’m looking for an approx cost to have the data recovered and transferred to a new drive.

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