IDE Data Recovery

IDE HDDs have more or less disappeared from computers as of 2019. From time to time data recovery companies will get asked to retrieve files from these drives, but an IDE hard drive is a rare item, as the PATA interface they use has been superseded by SATA. As this blog is all about data recovery, if you’re looking to find a decent IDE hard drive data recovery company in the UK just browse some of our pages – we recommend many different service providers.

IDE HDD showing PATA interface

Older IDE (PATA) HDD hard drive 250Gb. makes clicking sound when spinning. certain data is accessible – but only very small files (no more than 50Kb). Drive fails when trying to read anything bigger.

I have an old WD IDE drive which my Mac won’t recognise. I use it to back up my Mac, and it still spins when I plug it in, the drive doesn’t appear on the Mac. I’ve tried a new cable, but no joy. Can you help?

I have an old external hard drive with a USB interface that I need to recover the files from. When I plug it into my computer it says “recovery” and the data does not load. I can see the hard drive has got data on it as around 12gb of space is taken up. I have had it looked at by another company and they advised that the data can be extracted but I could not afford the service at the times. It is personal data, mainly photos and documents.

I have my fingers crossed you can help me. I spilled tea on my IDE hard drive when it was connected to my PC. I took it to local repair shop who told me no liquid had got into any drive but put in the drying machine just in case. On going to collect it they had the bad news that they both were not working so it seems the electrical fuse out cause the damage. They recommended using an IDE hard drive recovery specialist to retrieve my data.

I’ve a hard drive that’s had the following error:
E:/ is not accessible The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error
The hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200 500GB IDE. I really need some help with getting the data/programs off of it but I’ve no idea how to do it. The most important files are relatively small as well and I have tried to run a program to retrieve the data to no success.
The HDD will only be picked up if I put it in a casing and make it an external HDD but it reads as 0 data on disk and doesn’t show up on the file explorer every time.
Please if you have any advice or such the like let me know.

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