Mobile Phone Data

You may not know it but you record more and more data on your mobile phone at the expense of saving it to your computer.

Mobile phones, or as they have now become, ‘Smartphones’ are now mini handheld computers that can do virtually everything a computer can. It’s only 5 years ago that we kept our contacts, emails, documents and photographs on our computers. Now we keep all those things on our mobile phone.

If you don’t back your data up to the cloud then accidents that happen to your phone can have serious consequences to your data. Maybe you might drop your phone, or have it stolen – either way how are you going to retrieve your data ?

I recently put my LG Nexus smartphone on top of a wardrobe to keep it out of harm’s way, but wished I hadn’t when I pushed my phone off the other side of the wardrobe and it fell to the floor – a drop of some 8 feet. When I fished my phone off the floor I was dismayed to find my phone’s screen had cracked. Worse still, although the touch screen still worked, it didn’t work very well: some areas of the screen were completely dead, other parts didn’t correspond to where I was clicking the screen. Obviously, the phone was now totally unusable. I soldiered on for about 2 weeks but in the end I upgraded to an HTC M8. This was ultimately another mistake, which I’ll write about in a future post.

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