Questions About Hard Disks

data recovery advice and tipsAt a recent Question and Answer session on the Data Recovery Tips ( web site we had a surprisingly high level of interest from people with broken hard disks. Questions came from the UK, USA and from as far afield as Bahrain. All the questions had a central theme – the hard disks were either totally broken or nearly broken.

– I’d like to ask a question about my HD. I’ve mistakenly erased whole content (text,pdf, pictures, installation files, videos, music ets.) by formatting it. I’ve formatted it while using Mac (Yosemite 10.10.5) but the HD was an external 500GB ñ NTFS. Would you be able to recover my whole content ? If so, how much would it cost ?

– My Apple Macbook 2010 has died, the screen is broken and keyboard is broken, the laptop turns on and does the start up ‘chime’ noise but shuts down after a few seconds. I’m just hoping to get all of my data retrieved from it as I will be buying a new laptop.

– The computer went off and started making a bleeping noise, whenever I switched it off and back on again it was asking for the re-boot disk which unfortunately is missing. I have taken it to Maplin Computer repair and they gave advised the hard drive is not working and are replacing in my laptop. I want to extract most if the data (especially family photos and videos) from the dtivebif possible and would like a quote to complete this please

– Western Digital Passport (USB3). Firstly showed errors relating to bad sectors when accessing data. Now when plugging into windows drive appears but has no statistics, who clicking onto the drive windows hangs.

– I cloned my wife’s Win8.1 onto an ssd and then forgot to backup the 2 months worth of files that she had created before upgrading her PC to Win 10. Unusually this process seems to have destroyed the file structure on the ssd which now shows up as RAW in the disk manager. Can you reclaim the files created since 26/11/15 and then format the drive ready for me to try the clone and upgrade again?

– I have a sea gate EDD which is not spinning when I fire it up. I lost the original power supply and got a replacement, that might be the cause but it does make a low whine when connected so I’m thinking that is stuck in some way. I’m in Glasgow on Tuesday so will drop it off if that’s okay?

– I have a WD external hard drive that has stopped working ñ when I plug it into a computer (and I’ve tried two different computers) it tells me that I need to format the disc, and that will erase all data on the disc. Are you able to help me get the data off it?

As you can see, I received a broad range or questions. I’m can fix all the above problems provided the data still resides on the hard drives and has not been overwritten. In some of the above cases it’s not possible to tell if the data still resides on the hard drive or not until I actually see the storage device. Apart from overwritting, the only time when the data would no longer exist would be if the medium holding the data (the disk platter for HDDs and the memory chips for SSDs) have been smashed or broken.

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