Samsung M3 HDD Repair

Since my move into hard drive repair and data recovery I’ve received several questions about broken storage drives asking me if I think there is any chance that the data on them can be recovered. Here’s a question from yesterday:

samsung m3 harddriveSamsung M3 1TB Portable Harddrive. I was saving a word document last night and suddenly the Word stopped responding and the harddrive was[n’t] recognised by the laptop. I tried it on another computer and it still didn’t work. When it is connected to the laptop now, it makes a clicking noise like something is caught. I looked online and tried opening it up as some sites said the reader may be caught. I couldn’t get it open, so left it how it was. I’ve got some really important files on it linked to my teacher training course. I really need them back. Would be appreciated if you could help.

Thanks for your question, I’m glad you couldnt open your harddrive as if you had you’d have made my job twice as difficult. My people use the analogy of a needle and a record player when describing how a hard drive actually works and I suppose from a general point of view this isn’t wrong.

When a harddrive makes a clicking noise like something is caught, the sound you are hearing is the sound of the harddrive reseting itself as it tries to complete it’s task again. The reason is because there’s a part of the harddrive that is broken, and in order to get the data from the harddrive, that broken part has to be replaced with a new compatible part. Such repairs are complex and usually cost upwards of £500. It’s a process that takes several days as well and you’ll have to send your hard drive off to a specialist such as who will be able to repair the harddrive and retrieve the files from it for you. I’m quite certain that if they can’t do the work then you don’t pay either so this is something to consider also.

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