Sony Xperia Z1 and Checkpoint Endpoint

In this post we look at data recovery on a Sony Xperia Z1 Premium and a hard drive with Checkpoint’s Endpoint encryption.

Came home from holiday to find bios can’t detect it, and also tried in SATA usb caddy and doesn’t find it

We have an external hard drive that we use to store files and we have tried to access it and (a) large files have disappeared and (b) it has strangely sent random files to the trash our (2x) Mac laptops that previously were used to access and read the harddrive. We would like to see if the large files are still on the harddrive and what is causing a strange scrambling of files into our ‘trash’.

Sony Xperia Z1 Premium. Used to turn on doesn’t know pretty sure it’s battery packed in. Can you recover my data? Plz there’s a lot of videos on memory card was deleted by mistake there’s any way to bring them back again

sony xperia z1 premium - data recovery

OS fails to load. When booting in safe mode, system gets part way through loading drivers, then BSOD and reboot.
Disk is encrypted with Check Point Endpoint.

External Mac osx Seagate Firewire drive. Files show up in finder but if you try and copy/move the drive makes mechanical clicking clunking noise and ejects. Do you have a lab to remove platters?

Hard drive has failed? its making a ticking noise and beeping. It is a WD my passport. How much would it cost to have the data recovered from the drive?

Dropped in water without realising for about 40 seconds and have tried putting in rice but its pretty dead. Would now just desperately like the hard drive if its possible; notes, pictures, messages etc

Drive flashes and spins up but doesnt show in My Computer.

My Sony Xperia Z1 Premium screen has broken and I am unable to transfer photos to my laptop which I would like to save. The backlight to the screen is working but the touch features are not.

M.2 drive failed. Tried putting the drive into another laptop, booting a live linux disc to try and read from the drive, and using a M.2 to USB adapter.

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