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Help with Hard Drives

I have a seagate goflex external hard drive and it has stopped working.
It does not power up after connecting it to my laptop and turning the power plug on.
I need help in recovering my data.

Help with hard drivesthat i have used to back up my mac several times, now when i plug it in its spins and the light goes on but its not at all found on my mac

I am not sure what has happened to my hard drive.
I plug it into my computer and my computer reconises that it has connected, however I am unable to open it. I am not sure what to do – I have tried it on other peoples computers and have the same issue.
Do you think this is something you will be able to solve – ideally I want to keep what is on the hard drive as it has all my personal pictures on there.
I was curious if I could drop off my laptop and hardrive at your office in London one day after/before work?
I was also curious how long something like this would take to solve? and how much it would cost ?
Please let me know via email and I will come asap.

My iPhone glitched and deleted all my photos and videos, then I tried to reboot the phone and it completely switched off and never came back on again. Its stuck on the iPhone logo & won’t come on at all it just goes black. I went to apple and they said I may have to restore the phone which means I would have to delete all my data that is not backed up. So they told me to come to you. Is this fixable?

Phone got trapped in mechanism of a sofa bed and got smashed and has precious photos on it that I’d like to save if possible please

I have a Hitachi HTS725050A9A364 with an unknown ATA password. I need to reset the password and gain access to the data. I think Atola Insight will do the trick. Could you please give me a quote?

i have accidently deleted my sons data and everything and transferred all my data and everything from my phone to his. how can I retrieve his back to how it was

Hard Disk Data-Recovery

Here are some data-recovery queries I’ve had recently:

When I turn the power my computer I’ve been getting this error msg verifying dmi pool data so I tried to use a windows recovery disk I place it in my DVD driver & try to boot the CD then when the screen says press any key to boot I press a key then I hear this ticking sound coming from my hard drive do I need replace my hard drive?

Seagate Hard Drives Not Found

Hi, I have a Seagate portable drive that I accidentally unplugged from my Mac a few days ago. When I pushed the USB back in, my laptop no longer recognised the drive, and the drive itself made a beeping noise every second and the light on it kept flashing. Just wanted to find out how much it would be cost to get it fixed or get the files off of there. Through Seagate it’s several hundred pounds and I definitely can’t afford that as a student ha! Thanks in advance.

Computer Science Labs logoI have a seagte portable hard five, it got bumped or knocked over in the house. I would like to get information like photos recovered from it and was looking for a price.
I’m currently working away at the moment so a reply by email would be good.
I live in the glasgow are so could drop drive Into lab.

My advice would be to try Computer Science Labs at http://computersciencelabs.com

Emergency RAID Data Recovery

I have a home NAS unit ( Netgear Duo).
2 x 3TB raid drives for media, photo etc.
The unit fell about 30cm.
The drive now click, then after about 30 minutes go quiet, I can see about 2% of the data. ( just one folder tree) and open documents.
The rest is not visible.
I have not tried anything to avoid data loss.

My advice would be to give these people a ring: http://emergency-raid-datarecovery.com/

Common Ways In Which A Hard Disk Drive Can Fail

A computer’s hard disk drive is the central data repository for the entire system. All sorts of important files are stored on a hard drive, from the operating system itself to important work and personal data such as photographs and financial information. However, as with any component of a PC, hard drives can fail for a number of different reasons.

Few things are more distressing than trying to turn on your computer, only to discover that it will not boot up. In many cases, this is the result of a hard drive failure. A skilled technician may be able to provide the skills required, repair the damage and recover the data from the drive. However, his chances of success depend in a large part upon the cause of the failure.

One common cause of hard disk failure is an electrical problem. If may be a surge of electricity to your computer and the circuits can become damaged, making it difficult or impossible to control the hard drive. Common symptoms of this type of failure include a drive that powers on but does nothing, or a drive that makes a clicking sound.

In these cases, the data on the hard drive may still be intact, so retrieving it may not be terribly difficult. However, you may have to have certain parts of your PC replaced, or the technician may need to manually copy the files from the damaged drive onto a new one.

Hard drives are also prone to mechanical failures. Most hard drives involve a platter that spins at very high speeds. The read and write head hovers a fraction of a centimetre above this platter. In rare cases, a collision can occur. This is known as a “head crash.”

These collisions can severely damage the hard drive and lead to the loss of data. Recovering data from a hard drive after a head crash can be very difficult, and requires the use of specialised equipment such as a clean room. If your hard drive is making grinding noises, or if it makes no noise at all, this may indicate a mechanical problem.

Hard drives can also fail for non-physical reasons. In these cases, the drive itself is fine, but the data on the drive has become damaged or corrupted so that the computer can no longer access the files and folders. For example, if the information that tells the computer where each file is located becomes corrupted, you will be unable to open your files.

Fortunately, fixing these logical failures is generally a simple procedure. The technician will simply have to replace the corrupted data with new copies of the proper information. Once this has been done, your system will once again be able to access to your files. Even if some of your files are damaged, a skilled technician may be able to retrieve the remaining lost data.

Hard drives can crash and fail for many different reasons. Properly diagnosing the cause of the failure is the first step that a good hard drive recovery technician must take in order to solve the problem.