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HTC / iPhone and Toshiba hard drive recovery questions

HTC and iPhone Recovery Questions
My HTC One M7 stopped working and little did I know at the time that it had stopped backing up my photos to Dropbox nearly a year beforehand. The Laptop Fixers in Bournemouth took a look but couldn’t retreive the data and I’m interested in understanding if there is another way and of course the cost. I’m in Poole, Dorset and can get to Gloucester if required.


Have a iphone 6s damaged beyond repair. Think it had drink spilt on it, won’t turn on or charge. Have tried local repair shop who advised it’s dead and they can’t fix it. Not that bothered about fixing the phone but would like to try and get photos and data (Whatsapp data etc.) back. My phone hadn’t backed up to the cloud for at least 12 months so anything in that time is currently lost. Can you email me if you think it’s possible and a rough price?

Dropped phone in water on Sat night, kept it in rice all weekend, had it ultrasonically cleaned today – no luck. Now resorting to data recovery to pull off my precious photos!

The motherboard on my Samsung Galaxy S6 has blown and I need the data retrieved.

Hard Disk Recovery Questions
I have an external 1TB Toshiba Canvio – by accident wiped all the files out (about 600GB) and formatted to 35GB by Windows recovery drive creator.
I actually need to recover one particular folder which is less than 100GB. Do you have a location for data recovery in Bournmnouth?

I’ve got an external hard drive made by Toshiba and I cant see to find it. the green light isn’t flashing as it normally does but I can feel/hear the fan working or something working inside. I need to get all my files off the hard drive into a working hard drive that I can access. I’m located close to Gloucester in Gloucestershire.

I was copying lots of files from internal SSD to the Toshiba external hard drive. The process froze and I ended the copying process. Then file explorer stopped responding for a long time and I force restarted my CPU. Can’t access data in my external hard drive ever since.
I also have a side question: even if my data is recovered, could my external drive still work? I don’t mind formatting the drive.
But the main question is: is my data recoverable?

I had my dissertation on my pen drive and the word file has went corrupt, is there any chance that you may able to recover it? It is due on Monday. I know it’s my own fault as I only saved it to the pen drive. I look forward to hearing from you.

Two desktop HDDs (no rush):
1) 10 beeps then no noise, corrupted and unreadable HDD.
2) Overclocked CPU fried the second HDD.
Also, do you check each (media) file for integrity/accessibility/HEX dumps?