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iPhone locked – how to unlock

Data lost as iphone 6 was factory re-set, data not backed up, need to recover photo’s. iPhone is now locked and I need to unlock it.

Samsung galaxy s7 dropped face down and now has a permanent black screen and isn’t functioning. The phone itself (aside from the screen), appears to be working. The charging light is coming on and you can hear the sounds when you press the keypad. I have taken it into Samsung who said that a new screen is needed, but before I send it off, I would like to retrieve my data on my phone.

I deleted text messages from a contact and I need to recover them. I need text”s from 2 January to 10 Febuary. Plese could you send I quote if you can do this. The phone is now locked.

My Samsung S6 is completely shattered and broken and I was wondering if would be possible to retrieve all the data from it. PLEASE USE EMAIL TO GET BACK – MY PHONE IS NOT WORKING

Locked my daughters iPhone by mistake and had to restore
All her photos have been lost
Is there anyway to get them back. Phone is disabled and needs to be unlocked.

I recently purchased a MicroSD card for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and transferred all my photos onto it. However, I’ve just checked today and a vast majority of the photos are missing from both the SD card and internal memory, and I was wondering if this can be retrieved? If so, what would the costs be?

Disk stopped to read, makes funny noises when replugged and is no longer recognised. (error 10 – device failed to start)

I hope you are well. I am trying to recover my old USB. It is a Sandisk USB and is a few years old. I try putting it in my laptop however it does not open and it flashes green the USB. There are some images which I would like to recover. I have tried using other data recovery software however this specific folder does not recover. Is it possible to let me know if I will be able to recover the specific folder? Also, the images are old and have been save since 2013.

Datos Recuper
Tengo un linkstation NAS LS-XLD95 de 1TB entro en modo de emergencia no aparece como unidad de disco en el equipo, que debo hacer?