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Transferring subfolders

Mounty NTFSI was transferring a subfolder “B” from the Mac to a Seagate External HD via Mounty NTFS. Destination was inside main folder “A” on the External HD. Subfolder “B” had the same name of another subfolder inside folder “A” and asked me to merge both subfolders “B”. When I clicked on merge, all files and subfolders inside main folder “A” disappeared, including subfolder “B”.
I’ve tried mounting the hard drive on another mac and the main folder “A” seemed to be empty.
I got a quote from a data place and they mentioned that their diagnosis was:
1. Disk read error
2. Unstable/Failing read/write heads
3. Logically corrupt file system
4. Hard disk drive/s have failed
5. Media surface is degraded
They gave me a quote and I’d like to know how much this work could cost in your opinion.

This 8TB SATA HDD was a secondary drive inside my PC running Windows 10. There’s around 4-TB odd of data on it. It is 3 years old and we think has become corrupted after a Windows 10 update shut the PC down a few times. The PC no longer recognised the drive but when I put the drive in an externally powered enclosure and it did power up a few times and I could see the files but it kept timing out so I could only grab 1 or 2 folders before it timed out. Windows 10 suggested a disk repair and I clicked yes but the disk enclosure power timed out whilst doing the repair and now the drive can no longer be viewed in Windows. The files I wish to retrieve are photos and videos.

Data Recovery from El Capitan

Mac El CapitanI have a MacBook Pro (Mid 2009 with El Capitan 10.11.6) and was copying over something far too big to my external hard drive (WD My Passport for Mac S/N WX71EBxxx541) so I manually turned the MacBook off by holding down the power button and ever since then my external hard drive cannot be found on my desktop.
I checked via WD Disk Utilities and it wouldn’t open the finder but it could run a basic check on the drive (which passed) but a complete drive check couldn’t be performed. I have tried with a different lead and when I plug the drive into my MacBook it makes a whirring noise and has some clicking like it’s trying to connect but can’t.
Is there any hope for the photos on this hard drive?

Imac won’t boot. Recovery of files from hard drive. Could you let me know a cost? It’s OSX El Capitan operating system. The HDD can be heard attempting to start but has a repetitive whine / whir.
The blue light on the HDD comes on when connected to a machine.
The HDD has a few GB’s of data on it, its hardly used and rarely gets moved from the desk.
Can you give me a price for data recovery?

Macbook not repairing in recovery mode

MacBook Retina 2013 – Will not repair in recovery mode – full hard drive 121GB (?) out of 120GB – No pop up warnings prior to crash. Can you give me any idea of likely prices and process?

The data recovery process will usually take between 5 and 12 days, depending on the fault. The costs can vary between a few hundred pound and several thousands of pounds depending on the type of fault and the type of system.