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Data recovery from opened hard drive

I have a 1 TB hard drive that died. I was able to make it work temporarily by connecting to an external hard drive reader. Sadly it crashed again. I then foolishly openedthe hard driver casing to reset the blades. This may have scratched the surface. What would it cost to inspect it and see if you are able to recover the data? And what kind of final bill would i be looking at?

Opened hard drive

I have a 500gb Seagate external hard drive (over 10 years old now) and the port where the mini usb used to go into it has come loose and is rattling around in there and im unable to connect it now to a computer to get my data off. I don’t need the actual hard drive just the contents on there. I have opened it as I read online that this will get it dusty and I have a lot of really important memories on there. I was wondering if you could fix/ how much it would be?

Dropped external hard drive (1tb my passport ultra) now it is not recognised and makes a clicking noise as if it is trying to boot up so I have disconnected and await your response. I have taken the lid off of the drive but I need the data recovered. I have a few hundred gigs of data on there but only interested in the family photos which I thought I had on my back up drive. I also have a 1tb WD network drive that I have been meaning to get the data from as WD stopped the service, can you help with that also?