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Recovering Deleted Data

If there’s nothing wrong with your hard drive, then you can use either software or an online data recovery service to recover your data.

Online Data Recovery Service | Data Clinic LtdThe reasons hard disks fail are several, for example they can be knocked or get the incorrect power supplies connected to them, so when you save your files to your hard drive please remember the safety of your own files is not guaranteed. Occasionally it is necessary to mend a hard disk that has developed a fault to be able to retrieve the folders on it that is not saved elsewhere. At times like these you must hire a specialist data recovery business, that are skilled in recovering the data from crashed hard-drive. Many years ago there were not that many data recovery businesses in existence, these days there are many and sadly a lot of them are not really good. Do not make the mistake of thinking the capabilities of data recovery companies are exactly the same. Their capabilities vary greatly – just because they have a decent looking web site doesn’t mean they could repair your hard drive or restore the missing files on it.

Your PC contains at least one hard disk drive. It’s the part of the computer system that stores all of the information, documents and photos you make. A hard drive is regularly full of treasured folders, so obviously, a hard drive fault is better avoided.

Occasionally if there is no damage with the hard drive, software programs may be used to help you retrieve your missing folders yourself. There are generally trial versions which can be found on the web that may let you know what they can and can’t recover first. If you decide to restore the data the software find you’ll need to purchase the application licence which generally costs several pounds. A word of warning though, what may at first appear to be a straightforward hard drive problem could be something far more serious and trying to rescue the data yourself may cause many more troubles. So if in doubt, you always need to seek specialist assistance because there might be difficulties in part of your hard drive that stop it from functioning properly.

Remember that because your hard disk breaks or the data it contains appear to have gone, this does not mean the files are gone forever. Experienced folder retrieval firms can find and rescue lost files on a damaged hard drive. In the complete process of restoring the data, the hard drive faults that led to the folders getting lost in the very first instance will likely be fixed. This is beneficial because it ensures that it isn’t going to occur again.

Don’t Write Off A Broken Hard Disk

Data recovery technician from http://www.data-recovery-london.netWhenever you save important information on a hard disk drive, you take the chance of losing that info because hard disk drives can break for a range of different reasons. If you’re not computer literate, losing data on a hard drive may be difficult as you may not know what to do to regain your data. Luckily, there are businesses which will help you get that data back. These are called data recovery businesses and they can retrieve data from nearly any kind of hard drive in almost any kind of condition. One such company is called Data Recovery London and is based in the city, so if you find yourself in a scenario where you’ve lost valuable info you ought not presume that this data can not be retrieved.

Sometimes when there’s no damage to the hard disk, software programs can be utilized to assist you regain your data by yourself. There are usually trial versions that can be found on the net that may tell you what they can and can’t recover first. If you choose you want to regain the data they find you’ll have to purchase the software which usually costs several pounds. A word-of caution though, what may initially seem to be a simple hard drive trouble may be something far more serious and striving to recover the data yourself may cause many more problems. So if in doubt, you should seek professional assistance since there might be issues inside your disc that prevent it from functioning properly.

There are a few companies that specialise in repairing damaged hard-drives. In the complete process of retrieving your data, theses data recovery businesses may also fix your hard disk. Kinds of the difficulties data recovery businesses can repair include broken boards, mechanical hard drive errors including the ‘click of death’ and beeping hard drives. A hard drive recovery company would be used by you once your local IT provider can’t help you.

Understand that just because your hard-disk breaks or the information on it seems to have disappeared, this does not mean that the data is lost forever. Skilled data retrieval companies that will find and rescue lost data on a damaged hard drive. This is useful since it insures that it is not going to occur again.

Helium Hard Drives – The Next Step in Hard Drive Technology ??

Helium Hard Disk Drives

Helium Hard Drives: Are they the next big thing ??

Western Digital could topple as the king of enterprise disc shipments Seagate thanks to its helium drives, according to analysts IHS. The technology has been produced by WD’s subsidiary Hitachi GST.

Read / write heads and spinning magnetic platters in hard-drives full of helium encounter less drag instead those in devices comprising clean air, and thus consume up to 23 per cent less energy according to Hitachi GST.

Also, as much as seven platters could be set inside such a drive instead of the maximum of five seen today.

A 4TB five-platter drive would turn into a 5.6TB drive utilizing the same 800GB/platter areal density technology. Therefore Hitachi GST can optimize helium drives for low power consumption and high capacity or a combination of the two – and give Seagate a right shoeing.

IHS storage systems believe helium hard drives could propel Western Digital to the top business drive spot, dethroning Seagate along the way.

Helium filled drives could raise drive capacity before data storage systems – including heat

assisted magnetic recording – reach the market. Their projections show the marketplace for helium drives will mount from virtually zero in 2012 to over one hundred million units in 2016, especially in case that the high prices of production are brought down.

But will the prices come down? And also the IHS speculation assumes the seven-platter helium filled monsters still fit in conventional 3.5-inch drive bays.

One answer would be to add flash to the enterprise drives and turn them into go faster hybrids. Hitachi GST could do the same, and we’d have helium gas-filled hybrids. As these technologies permutation are played out it’s going to be an interesting few years.

Computer Crime – How Your Data Is Stolen

Stealing credit card dataJust as technology has advanced, so do the techniques and skills of cyber criminals. These theives have achieved significant results in extracting personal and private data from people’s computers and put it to good use to further their personal gain. Some of these approaches are listed below.

Very common and very effective, the victim won’t ever recognize what happened before the charge card is illegally used later on. This could be disconcerting and is at the top of the approaches employed by cyber-criminals.

What’s done with the charge card information that’s been gathered? Any side company can direct all of their clients right into a boat-load of problems and frequently become victim to such websites.

Bot-net Attacks
The concept with this particular would be to have a string of virtual bots that may distribute malware onto a method.

Malware is intended to perform a variety of stuff and this may frequently be based on which the cyber-criminal requires. It’s a good idea to possess the appropriate antivirus software installed on 1’s computer to be able to handle these problems directly.

Social Engineering
It has just started becoming quite a popular approach used by criminals within the virtual world. The point would be to get the person to personally provide all of the advice to the offender by means of manipulative, neatly put tricks.

Phishing sites are frequently used for such approaches as they’re effective for people who aren’t in the know. All it requires is a couple of sufferers for this particular technique to be an easy one to get up their sleeves.

Always be cautious when using all these sites and make certain they’re safe and dependable. Advice should just be distributed to reputable sites with a history for protecting data.

Fast Flux
This is actually the notion of getting right through to a person’s computer with rapid (virtual) motion. It’s important to maintain a watchful eye out for just about any such action.

It’s significant to keep a watch on all action that’s being done on one’s computer. Law enforcement continues to handle this problem head on, but the greatest preventative measure is constantly on an individual level in the home.

Edward Snowden – A Timeline

This timeline deals with events from June-August 2013.

Useful Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_snowden

Edward Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency technical worker, is the wellspring of one of the worst info leaks in US history. Materials supplied by Mr Snowden for the media allege the US has conducted widespread and illegal surveillance of its own citizens and other states. The BBC looks at the way the relationship has developed since it broke in June.
Scandal starts

6 June 2013: Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald reports the US National Security Agency (NSA) is accumulating the phone records of millions of Verizon customers beneath a top secret court order giving the government unlimited ability to get communications data for a span.

7 June: The Washington Post report and Guardian the NSA is gathering data under a previously undisclosed surveillance programme called Prism, and obtaining the systems of US internet giants including Facebook and Google. The programme enables officials to accumulate material including live chats, emails and search histories.

8 June: US President Barack Obama says the government surveillance programmes reach “the right balance” between security and privacy and are closely supervised by Congress and also the courts.
Snowden named and in Hong Kong

9 June: Edward Snowden, 29, is named as the origin of the intelligence leaks. Speaking from Hong Kong, he describes why he went public.

10 June: Mr Snowden checks out of his Hong Kong hotel and his whereabouts remain unknown since it’s rumoured the US is pursuing a criminal investigation against him.

11 June: The EU demands US assurances that Europeans’ rights aren’t being infringed by the just-revealed surveillance programmes. Mr Snowden’s company, defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, says it has fired the infrastructure analyst for breaking its ethics code.

12 June: Mr Snowden tells the South China Morning Post from a secret place in Hong Kong that he’ll fight any effort to extradite him. The Speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner describes him as a traitor. British citizens their intelligence agencies and the UK guarantees US are functioning within the law.

13 June: Mr Snowden says the US government is hacking computers in mainland China and Hong Kong for years. NSA Director Keith Alexander tells the US Senate that surveillance programmes have interrupted dozens of terror plots.

14 June: FBI Director Robert Mueller says Mr Snowden has caused the US “considerable damage” and tells Congress the US will hunt him down and prosecute him.

15 June: Hundreds of protesters march to the US consulate in Hong Kong, demanding local authorities protect Mr Snowden.

17 June: Mr Snowden denies he is a Chinese agent and says US officials, in labelling him a traitor, have ruined any chance of the fair trial.

18 June: Mr Snowden’s dad, Lon, issues a public plea urging his son not to commit “treason”.

19 June: NSA Director Alexander tells the surveillance programmes to the US House intelligence committee leaked by Mr Snowden helped thwart 50 strikes since 2001.
From Hong Kong to Moscow

20 June: Wikileaks creator Julian Assange tries to broker a deal to allow asylum to Mr Snowden in Iceland.

22 June: US prosecutors file a criminal charge, charging Mr Snowden with larceny and espionage. His extradition is requested by the White House from Hong Kong.

23 June: as extradition pressure builds Mr Snowden flies from Hong Kong to Moscow. Ecuador’s foreign minister confirms on Twitter that Mr Snowden has requested asylum there. Ecuador sheltered Mr Assange in its London embassy for the previous year, and has has an extradition treaty with all the US but allows for political asylum exemptions.

24 June: White House spokesman Jay Carney urges Russia to return Mr Snowden, and says the fashion of his own departure from Hong Kong would “unquestionably affect” on US relations with China.
June Vladimir Putin, right, and Barack Obama in Northern Ireland, June 2013 Relationships between the USA and Russia were already anxious on 17

25 June: China describes US accusations that it facilitated the departure of Mr Snowden from Hong Kong as “groundless and unacceptable”. Russian President Vladimir Putin confirms Mr Snowden is really in the transit region of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport and stays a free guy. US Secretary of State John Kerry requests Russia transfer the “fugitive of justice” to the Usa.

27 June: Ecuador warns it could take weeks to rule on Mr Snowden’s asylum bid.

28 June: Mr Snowden’s dad, Lon, ask US Attorney General Eric Holder for “ironclad assurances” his son’s rights will probably be protected should he return for the US.

29-30 June: Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine says it has seen a secret file supplied by Mr Snowden showing the US bugged EU offices in Washington and at UN headquarters in Big Apple. European officials demand “complete clarification” from the US.
Snowden’s bids for asylum
Edward Snowden at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow (12 July 2013) July Edward Snowden is seen for the very first time in three weeks on 12

1 July: Mr Snowden applies to Russia for political asylum; President Putin says he should stop leaking US secrets if he wants to remain. President Obama recognizes “high level” discussions with Moscow on extradition.

2 July: Mr Snowden withdraws his asylum request to Russia and sends requests to 20 other states, according to Wikileaks.

3-5 July: Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane is redirected to Austria amid suspicion that Mr Snowden is on board. President Morales threatens to shut the US embassy in Bolivia in response.

6 July: Nicaragua and Venezuela offer Mr Snowden asylum.

12 July: Mr Snowden emerges at Sheremetyevo airport for the very first time in three weeks, saying as he was not able to travel to Latin America he sought asylum in Russia.
Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda embrace inside an airport Glenn Greenwald greets Mr Miranda August as he arrives in Brazil on 19

1 August: Mr Snowden leaves the airport and enters Russian land after trying to get temporary asylum. The US says Russia’s conclusion is “incredibly unsatisfactory”.

7-9 August: President Obama cancels a meeting with Russian President Putin following Russia’s asylum determination. He promises “proper reforms” to ensure greater supervision of US surveillance programmes.

16 August: Citing documents leaked by Mr Snowden, the Washington Post reports the NSA broke privacy rules and overstepped its legal authority a large number of times in the previous couple of years.

19-20 August: Mr Greenwald’s associate, David Miranda, is detained under terror laws at London’s Heathrow airport for nine hours on his way to Rio de Janeiro. The citizen allegedly has his mobile phone, notebook, DVDs and other things seized. UK politicians demand an explanation. The US denies involvement but recognizes it was given a “heads up” from British officials concerning the detention.

Data vs Information – A Quest For The Computer Forensics Examiner

The main action of the forensics detective within an information organization would be to look through information by searching, separating, removing information from data, and evidence collection is just planning the data form.

In this specific article, it’s significant the ideas of information and data are mixing securely. Evenly important is link between data and data, because without these ideas, the forensics detective will fight to finish also the easiest job.

Data versus Information
The crucial role in almost any forensics analysis is pertinent data; the shifting nature of whatever is relevant makes forensics an iterative procedure to investigations.

For instance, a first-pass of analysis may try to find email that signifies preparing, in a case. Another move, following the analysis progresses, may hunt for hidden pictures which are proof the homicide itself.

Info is better understood to be data that’s applicable for the case and data is basically any electronic evidence that’s not info. The truth is the fact that information and data are evenly critical as data; but the info is more crucial to improving the probe. Think about the typical pc. It definitely comprise an OS e.g. Windows, programs e.g. Ms Word and a few stored result from such programs. It’s critically important to accumulate evidence. Otherwise, a attorney might challenge quality of work.

Data as Documents
Data is rationally arranged into units, called documents, these documents are subsequently saved in groups, called directories or sites. These organizations are subsequently arranged into arrangement hierarchies I.e. listing trees, even though the plan of software applications which needs data rationally arranged.

For instance using computers in offense usually entails common applications including MS Office, storing data temporarily to enhance functionality, and storing copies to shield the data of its own client from reduction or by problem.

Group Files into Folders
Data is logically arranged in files. It’s much like how someone may sort and team printed paper records into a reasonable device. Like, am employee records may be kept by employer together by putting them in a document.

In many employers’ files, each worker may have files which are work description, degree, and wages. Therefore each kind of articles includes a title that conveys such; e.g. “wages” displays the content confirms. Data within the file arranged are later recovered by worker.

Thus, it’s ideal for your forensics detective to comprehend why borders to such hierarchical structures exist, they’re under:

Documents, files, and listing buildings for a number of physical apparatus that has limited capability. Therefore the apparatus capabilities itself becomes the border.

Execution of person bounds is beyond just what the physical apparatus demands for:

  • Data prioritization – some customers might have higher or lesser concern for the machine assets. A storage allowance like.
  • Data separation – a person may produce a border on spam that’s different from work-related e-mail files.
  • PC dependencies – some computers demanded trunk connected articles, situated inside the very first couple of Megabytes in the physical storage system.
  • Functionality – Physical storage products are identified to save and recover data with various shows founded on the data location inside the physical storage system.
  • Accessibility — when listing structure borders aren’t established correctly, programs or providers may neglect. In such instances, boundaries for the directory construction convert in to boundaries to accessibility or unavailability of a software or service.

Solid State Drive Adoption – Roadmap to 2023

Which way do you go? Conventional hard drive or SSD ?  Here’s an interesting post about SSD hard drives.

Solid state drive adoption will continue to develop and it’ll be more than 10 years before it is ultimately replaced by a fresh memory technology, experts said.

SSDs are getting more attractive as NAND flash gets cheaper and faster, as it provides flexibility in use as a RAM or harddrive option, mentioned attendees and speakers in the Hot Chips conference in Stanford, California on Sunday.

Emerging memory sorts under development like phasechange memory (PCM), RRAM (resistive random access memory) and MRAM (magnetoresistive RAM) may show promise with faster speed and durability, but it will be several years till they may be manufactured in quantity and are priced competitively to replace NAND flash storage.

SSDs constructed on flash memory are now considered an option to spinning hard drives, that have reached their speed limit. Mobile phones have moved over to memory sticks, as well as a considerable number of light and thin ultrabooks are switching to SSDs, which are smaller, faster and more power efficient. But, the enterprise market still relies largely on spinning disks, and SSDs are poised to replace hard disks in server infrastructure, experts said. One of many grounds: SSDs are still more expensive than hard disks, although flash cost is coming down fast.

“It will probably be a number of years until NAND flash runs out of steam,” said Jim Handy, an analyst at Objective Evaluation, during a presentation.

Handy predicted that NAND flash will probably be changed by 2023 or beyond. The capacity of SSDs is expanding as NAND flash geometries get smaller, so scaling down flash will wind up tough, which will increase the demand for a brand new form of non volatile memory that will not rely on transistors.

Recovering Data From Damaged Mobile Phones

Damaged SmartphoneFor the past couple of years we’ve successfully extracted data from numerous mobile device, including mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, and so on. Among devices to be analyzed, we came across faulty cellular devices (damaged mechanically, by fire or on account of being kept in harsh or hostile environmental conditions) that electronic evidence must even be pulled. We’ve developed several strategies to analyzing damaged cellular devices which we’d like to tell our colleagues.

Before analyzing a damaged cellular device, a forensic investigator should ascertain just what is damaged within the unit. It isn’t essential whatsoever to desolder a memory chip simultaneously and execute further manipulations on it. Experience has shown there are generally simpler options for extracting data from damaged cellular devices.

The most typical flaw in cellular devices obtained for forensic evaluation is really a busted screen. In other words, a mobile system is functional but, due to a broken screen, doesn’t show any data. The assessment of said mobile devices presents no difficulties. To analyze cellular devices using a busted screen, we use UFED (Cellebrite Cellular Synchronization LTD) and.XRY (Micro Systemation). We produce a physical memory dump of the mobile device and extract data (a phonebook, calls, SMS messages, graphical files, movies, etc.) from it. At Times, when accessible products doesn’t assistance developing a physical memory dump of the mobile device, we perform a legitimate extraction of data. In this instance, lots of forensic applications for mobile system evaluation can be utilized. For instance, Oxygen Forensic Suite (Oxygen Software Company). Furthermore, You, you could usually replace a broken screen using a brand-new one. This creates the assessment more costly and timeconsuming, but it’s frequently the sole possible remedy (for example, when analyzing an Android apparatus with USB Debugging program alternative disabled).

Sometimes, to extract data, we use specific flasher tools (RIFF Box, Medusa Box, etc.) designed for fixing cellular products. Such flasher tools use JTAG interface for their work. Utilizing specific flasher tools, you can pull data from mobile devices that have broken system software or information protected with a PIN.

Processor swapping. The approach consists in extracting a memory chip from the damaged cellular device and installing it into the same great device. In the process, you solve several complicated difficulties which would need to be confronted should you choose to utilize a “Chip Off” method: there is no urgent need to understand the kind of a control employed by the unit to procedure memory chip data, the format of memory pages to the chip, the kind and characteristics of the file system employed by the unit, the format where data is saved (Oh, once you need to manually decode a physical memory dump, you’ll see that which we mean!), etc. The disadvantages of the approach contain the demand for a system (preferably two devices) that will be identical to the one obtained for assessment. Desoldering a processor is a quite complicated and laborious task. There’s a threat of destroying data because of heat or mechanical injury to the processor. You may even need gear for reballing. For instance, JOVY SYSTEMS JV-RKC – a package for reballing BGA chips.

When using this approach, it’s impossible to underestimate the possibility that, following the processor is swapped within the unit, all the data to the memory chip will probably be erased. This frequently occurs when a memory chip control is installed in the system board as a different processor. Usually, structurally it seems like a sandwich: to the one aspect of the system board there’s a memory chip, to another – a memory controller chip.

And So, if you got two identical devices that you are able to use as “donors”, attempt to swap their memory chips and examine the unit behavior before analyzing the unit.

Where memory chip swapping leads to data loss, you ought to put the memory chip as well as the memory chip control in the damaged device to the donor device.

When analyzing a broken device, you ought to focus on the building of its own system board. We analyzed a Motorola V3 cellphone which had spent two years within the earth. The phone appeared terrible. Numerous oxides had broken its casing and program board. It was out-of order. However, following the mobile was disassembled, it was discovered the program board contains several components. Part of the system board, using a memory chip on it, had endured environmental vulnerability minimal. To extract the data from this telephone, we purchased an identical one for an internet auction. We swapped part of the system board using a memory chip in the bought telephone for the component extracted from the broken telephone and read the data.

If not one of the previously described approaches has helped, you’ll need to utilize a Processor-Off method.

An investigator who would like to extract data from the mobile device memory chip must-follow four primary measures:

1. Chip extraction
Chip extraction is a fairly easy job: it is enough to warm the chip having a heat stream from the soldering station and separate the chip in the system board. With this measure, it is quite important to not overheat the processor (this can lead to data erasure) and damage it mechanically. Steadily climb the temperature of the new air.

2. Extracting data from the memory chip
Our co-workers occasionally ask us, “What flasher device ought to be utilized to extract data from the memory chip of the?” The inquiry is wrong. Mobile phone makers can alter a chipset of mobile devices even though generating just one batch. In other words, when we’ve got two mobile devices in the exact same batch, we can’t say with confidence they use similar memory chips. That’s the reason, not understanding what special processor is utilized within the mobile device to be analyzed, it’s impossible to answer the inquiry about the flasher tool, even though you’re conscious of the telephone design. Another bit of bad news is the fact that a mobile device may have many memory chips. You need to find all of these.

3. Flash translation layer (FTL) reconstruction
This measure isn’t difficult so long as you got a flasher device with the adapter for a crucial kind of BGA processor form-factor. However, to discover this kind of flasher device is a good difficulty. We’ve had lots of discussions with colleagues in what flasher device to purchase for a Processor-Off technique. A great flasher tool with a huge variety of adapters for different form factors of BGA chips can really cost a fortune. It’s unprofitable to invest as much on the system that you won’t frequently use. Consequently, we’ve achieved a consensus that, if needed, we’ll let such gear from enormous service centres that focus on electronics repair.

4. Dump decoding
Dump decoding is a complicated job. Fundamentals of dump decoding are educated at training classes (for instance, given by Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD). Nevertheless, you shouldn’t believe that you simply’ll manage a physical dump of the telephone to be analyzed as readily as you execute an exercise dump. If XRY (Micro Systemation) or UFED Physical Analyzer (Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD) supports decoding a physical dump for your device you’re analyzing, then you can attempt to decode the extracted dump utilizing all these programs. It is simpler to use UFED Physical Analyzer (Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD), since it permits to customize motion sequence when processing a physical dump and also to create custom modules in Python for physical dump analysis.

About Data Recovery

Hard disk drive pictureComputers are amazing tools, likely among the best tools ever devised.

“Am I prepared?”. This is merely one of these particular things in existence, sorta like death and taxes. There isn’t any method to prevent it.

That is both bad and good for all those needing hard-drive data recovery services. The great thing has been the higher competition you aren’t any longer spending GBP3,000 to obtain an individual hard-drive recovered. The awful point is, data recovery is really a speciality that not everybody is competent to do.

It is not unusual nowadays to get your own local computer tech effort data recovery. This really does not help whenever your hard-drive has endured a mechanical failure, when there are several powerful software options available. Special repairs must be made, also it may be stated with 99.9% conviction, that the local pc tech or IT help doesn’t possess the products, skills, or knowledge essential to accomplish a recovery such as this. More times than not, their efforts will just leave the data absolutely unrecoverable.

This isn’t a knock to the pc fix and IT experts available, it is only the facts. A great analogy would be like visiting the physician; you visit your gp, if you are in need of a flu shot; you visit a heart specialist, if you need quadruple bypass. They’re both physicians, but with absolutely different specialties.

You also need to ensure that the firm you’re using is really a real business. We’ve got several resellers out there, and they are doing excellent work consuming drives for people, and forwarding the job to the laboratories throughout the UK. It is sometimes a great thought to look at a business before sending your drive for them. Many businesses are merely trying to make a fast buck from assessment fees, or try fees and actually have minimum expertise in recovering data.

So in case your pc has crashed, and also you require the data recovered, ensure you deal with a business that focuses on pc data recovery. Whenever you obtain your own data back, you’ll be happy you did.