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Surface Pro data recovery

It’s a 2004 40 Gbytes IDE Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 from a deceased friend Model Number: ST340014A and it spins-up, but there’s no initialisation sound you usually expect. The BIOS doesn’t see the hard disk drive even when it’s connected internally and before that I had several blue screens of death inbetween boot-ups so I should’ve backed it up, but it’s too late now. Is it possible to recover the files to a Surface Pro computer?

surface pro computerSurface pro 4 won’t boot anymore. Need to send it off the Microsoft so they can replace it under warranty but I need all the data off the 1TB SSD before I send it or I lose it all. I live in london. My hope is that I can get the data without voiding my warranty.

I have an external hard drive (1tb WD around 7 or 8 years old at an estimate) It was plugged into a laptop during a power failure at my offices in Leeds. On restarting the files were not accessible, I think it was displaying raw files. It has been to PC world who said it is the arm. They tried to source one but were unsuccessful. Whether it is the arm or not I am not sure. I have since mislaid the USB connection but I’m sure this is not important. I do have a second 1tb hard drive that can be used for back up if needed.

Similar to your online description, my external hard drive on my Surface pro laptop (Seagate Backup Plus) has started making a strange repetitive noise as soon as I plug it into my Macbook Air (and any other computer for that matter) and its icon does not show on my desktop, thus not allowing to access it. I would obviously be keen to retrieve all my data from it. Please can you also guide me regards pick-up as I work at the MRI and would find it quite difficult to come to Bury.