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Croyden and Westminster, Data Recovery in London

My external Hard Drive (WD Elements 2TB) is not being read by the computer quite out of the blue. It stays in my office, was working yesterday, and has not ben dropped or damaged. When connected, the light turns on and you can hear the disk spinning (in a regular way, no ticking noise or anything). I have tried different USBs, different ports, different computers. We are a business in Westminster, London looking for a local data clinic.

Hi, I have an external Western Digital hard drive which has experienced damage to the heads, although it appears no damage to the platter. The drive has been evaluated by a data recovery company in Croyden who cover central London who have replaced the heads and are able to access the data. They have identify that 94.74GB of data is on the drive made up of 1884 folders and 18152 files, they have also given a 95% or better confidence rating that they are able to recover the identified files.
The cost I have been quoted to recover the data is well beyond the value I place on it; therefore I am looking for more competitive quotes to recover the data. Based on the information provided are you able to supply me with a quote to recover the data?

No power indication, No notification light or power on but detected though USB on P.C would like to recover all data on mobile.

Dropped my WD my passport portable device and now it no longer works. Can’t get it to work, partition cannot be found. Need to restore all folders on it.

Accidentally permanently deleted a lot of files from my SSD hard drive.