The uses of DLT, DDS and LTO Data backup Storage Tapes

data tape conversion, recovery and duplicationIf you are looking for storage solutions to back up your files there are various systems used some of these backup tapes include DDS, DLT and LTO. In order for you to decide which system will work for you best you will need to take the amount of storage that you need into account. In this article we will discuss their advantages, disadvantages and make recommendations on what to do if your tape develops a fault that requires expert assistance. We’ve been involved with data backup storage tapes and their recovery for over 15 years and like to think our advice is good.

DLT (digital linear tape) is a system that has been around since 1985 recently this system has undergone an upgrade in capacity and speed making it a sought after storage system. If you require storage for either a small or medium type system it would be advisable to use a DLT storage tape. DLT tapes are a reliable way to store your systems as it uses a straight down and up recording type mode.

Using a DLT system now means you can store up to 110 gigabytes on a single tape and the speed it offers is 10 megabytes in a second. This latest advancement has enabled the DLT tapes to take on networks and systems that it could not previously handle.

The DDS system unfortunately cannot be compared to the DLT and LTO as it will only offer you with 2.4 megabytes per a second and you will only be able to store up to 20 gigabytes of storage making this system low on capacity and performance levels.

LTO is a storage system that is produced by Hewlett- Packard and IBM. The LTO stands for (linear tape open). With this storage tape you are able to store up to 100 gigabytes at a speed of 15 megabytes in a second.

Both DLT and LTO systems can offer you with a fast and effective way to store your backup files. However the popularity in the two systems definitely leans towards using the DLT system. Over thirty million cartridges have been sold to date meaning this product is definitely a favourite among people looking for an effective method to back up their systems.

DLT has the ability to read tapes that you may have that are old but it will not be able to write them. You would be advised to maintain your present archives in a format that will allow the DLT system to use them. This system can save you on money and time when it comes to re-recording your older tapes onto new ones.

If you have used a DDS system in the past for storage purposes you can now make use of a more advanced system such as DLT to re record and place your storage onto a more effective way of storing.

Today the demands on storage have grown to new heights and more and more people are looking at options available on back up, retrieving, protecting and storing of important data.
LTO offers new technology along with a high powered way of backing up of your data, while DTO offers you a refinement in their new Super DLT range that has come leaps and bounds from the first system used back in 1985.

Make use of either a LTO or DTO system to back up your precious data, there is now an innovative way to ensure you are able to save your older tapes and place them onto new ones without sacrificing on the end quality of the tape.

Storage is a wonderful way to protect your assets that require storage solutions, this will protect you from damage and permanent loss on older tapes you may be keeping. Remember to always place data onto a back up system to avoid unwanted losses that can be experienced from theft or damage.


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